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A Fresh Start

Umm… hello. A teeny-weeny confession: I had completely lost all direction and motivation with this blog over the last few months. I’d blame university and say it got in the way but the real truth is, I just didn’t know what kind of content I wanted to produce for my blog. I abandoned my blog. I…… Continue reading A Fresh Start

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New Year Resolutions and All That Malarkey

23:55, January 3rd 2018. That’s a date for the diary. The precise moment I submitted the world’s hardest assignment; an essay question regarding concentrated wealth, major conflicts of class interest, systematic propaganda and the mass media. Yeah, I don’t understand it either. This blog post is coming to you from a first class train journey…… Continue reading New Year Resolutions and All That Malarkey

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2017: My Year in Review

Without a doubt, 2017 has been the best year of my life. I made it my mission to make this year a happy one and I’ve had something to smile for everyday, even if some days have been a little harder and darker than others. Here’s my 2017 highlights: Tuesday 31st January: I discovered the beauty…… Continue reading 2017: My Year in Review

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I Was on TV

I turned 19 this week. I’m officially in my last year of being a teenager which is a gross thought. Despite a three and a half hour train journey (that was only meant to be a 90 minutes long), I had an incredible birthday which involved being surrounded by family, friends, alcohol and being an…… Continue reading I Was on TV

Musical Theatre

TodayTix Discount Code

I know this is super cheeky of me buuuuuuuuut if anyone needs a £10 discount code for TodayTix, you can use mine: ZEEHG TodayTix provides theatre tickets to musicals and plays up to 30 at incredibly affordable prices. I managed to get tickets to see Evita in its final week in the West End for £8.…… Continue reading TodayTix Discount Code


… I’m a Uni Student

Hey. Hi. Hola. So that was an unplanned hiatus whilst I transformed into a university student… It’s 1:29am and I, for once, am not intoxicated. I feel like that’s quite an achievement worthy of a round of applause, to be fair. It’s been an amazing three weeks thus far. As you all probably know anyway,…… Continue reading … I’m a Uni Student

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I’m an Adult

I’ve suddenly been whacked in the face by the realisation that I’ve become an adult, literally over night. I don’t know whether I’m lying in bed hyperventilating because I’m excited to embrace adulthood or whether I’m, quite frankly, crapping myself; I’m almost certain it’s the former. Here’s how I’m grabbing onto adulthood with a tight…… Continue reading I’m an Adult