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What do I write about???

Second blog post and I already have no idea what to write about. I don’t want my blog to have a running theme; I want to be able to offer advice, write reviews, write recounts but how do I manage this in an interesting way? Perhaps having a famous relative who could promote my blog would help to encourage readers but considering I’m as famous as the lamp in my bedroom, I’ll make do with my fabulous and interesting (non-existent) ideas.

I’m sorry for the absolute massive wait between my introduction and this pointless blog update. And hey there Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, if you’re reading then this blog is something to include in your next episode of ‘Pointless (please mention my name).

When I have a brainwave (which comes as often as a blue moon) and have a billion and one ideas for my next blog post, I will regularly update.

Also, I know that I’m not a popular blog with an established audience but I would be most grateful if you could drop a comment suggesting a blog topic which you would like to see in the future.

Thank you for reading my second blog post emphasising quite how boring I am. Feel free to follow me on WordPress and discover if my upcoming brainwave is a success or a complete disaster.

8 thoughts on “What do I write about???

  1. Just blog about what you want to, at the beginning. Eventually, people will come around and read you, and the level of interaction on various types of posts will eventually guide you as to what your readers want to read.

    Or do what I do, just write for yourself. If people want to read you, they’ll stick around.


  2. In your first post, you say you like movies, TV and books. Maybe you have other hobbies? Start with that, maybe. It’s difficult at the beginning, for everyone. So don’t worry. You’ll ease into it eventually 🙂


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