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Cracked Spines and the Mistreatment of Books

There’s one thing in this world that I hate more than anything else. I absolutely despise books in a bad condition. I loathe them. And nope, I’m not using a thesaurus to find as many words which are a synonym of hate as I possibly can to use in my blog. 

What kind of joy can somebody get from breaking the spine on a pristine, newly bought book? There is no better feeling than having a perfectly conditioned book in your hand or sat on your shelf waiting to be read. So tell me why… Why would you want to break the condition of the book? Why would you want to fold the corners? Why would you want to crack the spine?

To calm the tension for one second, let me tell you a joke.
What did one book say to another?
I just wanted to see if we are on the same page.

Cracked Spines are my biggest pet hate. Books are almost like humans in the matter that they can tell you stories (well obviously, Catherine duh) but they are always there to help you to escape from real life for an hour or more at a time. A cracked spine is a worthy reason for relationships to end and fights to break out. And I don’t even believe that I’m exaggerating. Broken spines ruin the book’s excitement and enjoyment. I hate the way the book feels in my hand if the spine is broken. I strongly felt the need to replace my Harry Potter book series collection a few years ago as the original books from my childhood looked unloved.

Creases in the corners of pages is another worst book crime. Use a bookmark. Stop abusing the book and ruining the pages by folding them down. I can understand the corners of the book slightly bending because it has been carried around a lot, but deliberately folding the corners? Find some unused paper or use a pretty bookmark instead of ruining the character of the book.

Drink spillages and food stains are a big no-no on books. Why are you eating food which stains when you’re reading a book? Eat at an arms length away or better still, wait until after you’ve finished reading to indulge in food and drink.

I’m going to leave my book ranting here because I feel like I might spontaneously combust with anger if I carry on. I just felt the need to share my book pet peeves.

What do you call a woman who can’t stop reading?
Paige Turner

Comment if you agree… or disagree with my book crimes.

5 thoughts on “Cracked Spines and the Mistreatment of Books

  1. Drink and food on the pages is definitely a crime that should have a mandatory jail sentence attached. People who fold pages especially in hard back books well now they are a category all to themselves who should face the green mile. Okay maybe a tiny bit over the top but what are the thinking about, have the never heard of book marks


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