HOL-I-DAY! I’ve just come back from an October half term break from Tenerife with my family. I had a super fabby-dabby time so I thought that I would share it with you:

With every holiday, it is essential to bring a book to read. Whether you’re jet-setting to the Caribbean, relaxing in the Canary Islands or surfing in Cornwall, you are always in need for a book. I brought More Than This and The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness with me to Tenerife and it was the worst decision I ever made. After spending a good half an hour sat in my bedroom contemplating which books I should take before I set off for my holiday, I came to the decision that I would take two books by Patrick Ness. I browsed through my to-read pile on Good Reads and found that these two books had very high ratings. More Than This has an overall rating of 4.06 by nearly 10,000 reviews. After having such a great rating, I thought that I would be in for one hell of a roller coaster. I was intrigued by the opening of More Than This and I assumed that the rest of the novel would stand up to its opening. But it didn’t. It made absolutely no sense and it was hard to follow. It became a chore to read the book because it was so painfully slow-moving despite all the reviews saying it was “fast paced and exhilarating.” I would much rather never eat pancakes again than to put myself through this novel once more. And I absolutely love pancakes. I really didn’t understand the hype of More Than This. From being thoroughly disappointed with that novel, I reluctantly tried to read The Knife of Never Letting Go but the purposely incorrect grammar from the first chapter alone, infuriated me.

The temperature in Tenerife was ridiculously hot considering we were approaching the end of October. It reached temperatures of 26-34 degrees everyday. I’m a tad sun burnt. (I think they call it ‘sunkissed’ these days).

FRIDAY 24TH OCTOBER: At 7am, we trawled through the airport and for the first time ever, I didn’t get body or bag searched by security. I ALWAYS get pulled aside by security for a body check and I always end up pleading my innocence as they pat down my body. The flight was a long five hours. I sat with my sister and a lady took the aisle seat next to her and shared her holiday experiences with us. Tip: Don’t go to Madeira if you are afraid of flying. The runway of the airport is just as you come onto land. When we arrived at the hotel, my sister and I explored the land. The hotel was massive; it was like a maze through all the different hotel room blocks, pools and restaurants.

SATURDAY 25TH OCTOBER: SIAM WATER PARK! My sister and I were let loose so we ended up in one of the best renowned waterparks in the world! No slides there were the slightest bit gentle. Everything was for adrenaline-seekers. I went on everything but the massive one. I wimped out on the biggest slide because I was certain that it was a death trap. It was literally free-falling from a great height into a tube where sharks are swimming over it. My sister went on it (stupidly) and she couldn’t stop shaking for thirty minutes after.

SUNDAY 26TH OCTOBER: We walked and we walked and we walked. Our hotel was called ‘Iberostar Anthelia’ and it was situated in Costa Adeje (pronounced Ad-deka- which caused a great confusion for me as I just wanted to call it A-deej). During our stay, we wanted to visit the party town of the island; Playa De Las Americas and from Costa Adeje, it didn’t look too far away on a map. And it wasn’t. But somehow, we managed to walk straight through it without even noticing. So much of a party town. We managed to find the heart of the town however and we dined in Hard Rock Cafe where I bought another young man’s extra small t-shirt to add to my growing collection.

MONDAY 27TH OCTOBER: We went on a dolphin and whale sighting boat tour. We sailed out into the Atlantic Ocean and watched dolphins and whales fly out of the water. It was quite magical to say the least. I never thought I’d see a dolphin in real life in its natural habitat. I think I might want to adopt a dolphin. After the boat tour, my mum and I decided to have a swim in the sea where they had floating slides and trampolines on the sea. When we both managed to climb to the top of the slide, my mum managed to fall from the top straight into the sea and lost her only pair of sunglasses. She was devastated and had to buy another pair almost immediately. It was funny to watch her fall though.

TUESDAY 28TH OCTOBER: Jumping straight into a holiday after an eight week school and work term is exhausting so we took this one opportunity to laze around by the pool. We aren’t the type of family to spend a holiday relaxing on the beach/pool and to take advantage of all-inclusive hotels. we like to do bed and breakfast and exploring. Mum bought an inflatable float so we tried to swim around the pool on it but none of us could even balance on the water. In the evening, we went to a Medieval Adventure situated in a castle. Upon arrival, we were put into teams. We were placed in the black team. We were fed soup, a whole roast chicken and a baked potato on a condition that we wouldn’t use cutlery. We had to eat with our fingers to gain an experience of Medieval Life. whilst eating, we had entertainment of watching men on horses competing dangerously on behalf of our teams. Unfortunately, we lost.

WEDNESDAY 29TH OCTOBER: My sister’s 21st birthday. She was having a mid-life crisis for most of her birthday claiming that ‘she was too old.’ As the big child she is, we went to the zoo to celebrate her birthday in style. It was a great zoo, it had lions and tigers and everything. It also had this ‘jungle raid’ which was like a massive assault course. After walking on a tightrope, we had the option of either climbing down ladders or sliding down a pole. My sister got too scared and threw a tantrum on the top of the tightrope because it was too high. For dinner, we went to Tony Roma’s which have amazing combo platters of ribs and chicken. I have never tasted anything quite like it. Nom Nom Nom. On the table next to us sat Tony Blackburn; a former presenter of Top of the Pops and the first winner of I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.

THURSDAY 30TH OCTOBER: We’ve reached our last full day where we crawled from bar-to-bar drinking cocktails. We ate in an american diner where they used old cars for tables.

My sister and I feeling very flushed at Siam Park.

I had a fabulous holiday. Gracias for reading.

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