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Happy Birthday To Me

Quick note before I start: If my grammar or spelling is awful during this blog post, it’s only because I’m currently watching The Fault in our Stars film whilst I’m writing this and I know it won’t be long until I’m a crying ball on my bed. It’s one of those days (or week… or month… or even a year. It’s one of those years).

Happy birthday to me! So, it was my birthday two whole days ago. I turned THE big sweet sixteen. I TOTALLY wasn’t having a mid-teenage crisis on my birthday. (Sense the sarcasm, here). For weeks and weeks before, I was so excited for my birthday to the point where I had to remind everyone at least three times a day that it was my birthday soon. And yes, I am one of those annoying people. A few days before my birthday however, all the excitement faded. I assumed it was because I was spending my birthday at school with PE first period. I mean, isn’t it child abuse to make a teenager endure a PE lesson first thing in the morning on her 16th birthday? The answer is yes, it totally is.

I had a great birthday though. Even if I was at school. My English teacher bought me a cake with candles and also gave me a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ badge. How lovely!

I was SO spoilt by my friends and family. I can’t thank them enough for my wonderful presents:

  • DISNEYLAND FREAKING PARIS (I knew about this present a while ago, I even blogged about it. Go check it out: Disneyland Paris blog. Cheeky self promotion here, I apologise).
  • A watch (I can finally be a sophisticated person who can tell the time without having to look around for a clock. High five).
  • £30 Waterstones voucher (I doubt I’ll have money left on the voucher by the end of this weekend).
  • A laptop (Bought by my fabulous sister and her boyfriend. I finally have my own computer to publish blogs on. I might even post more often. Great for me, probably not so much for you).
  • £20 Pizza Hut voucher (Always my pre-cinema meal).
  • A shirt (Which is crazy and bright and right up my street).
  • A cross choker (I’m totally not hipster)
  • A MASSIVE pack of oreos and oreo chocolate (I’m in love with oreos).
  • The Little Black Book of Beatles Songs for Ukulele (This is such good motivation to get my hands on a ukulele. I don’t own one yet, but soon. Soon I will. Maybe even tomorrow).
  • £15 iTunes voucher (I tried buying a Disney CD earlier but I ended up spending my own money on it. I have no idea how to use it).
  • A picture frame with my favourite picture with my best friend
  • Lots of perfume ( I REALLY hope that this isn’t a hint that I smell).
  • The Fault in our Stars (I’m watching it right now. Hazel and Gus are with Van Houten. Oooh).
  • Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (I accidentally bought the third book in the trilogy under the illusion that it was the first book. I finally have something to read).

I had lots more presents but I didn’t want this blog to be really long and boring. I hope you all had a happy bonfire night! And if you’re reading from outside the UK (which is amazing that you’re reading my blog, THANK YOU) I hope you had a happy Wednesday Evening!

Ps. I don’t understand why there is a massive gap in the middle of the post.

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