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Doctor Who and Nine Year Old Me

Aged six, I remember my dad telling me that something “exciting” will be on television tonight and therefore, I blame my dad for my super unhealthy Doctor Who obsession.

When I was in Primary School, I collected nearly eight hundred trading cards (however, I never traded any though so I completely missed the concept there) and lots of action figures (which are still kept under my bed,  but I don’t play with them anymore though, I promise). I own every episode from the revival to series seven. I NEED SERIES EIGHT! (I missed every episode of series eight when it was aired because I was ‘earning my wage’ so I watched the whole series last week on record- and ‘oh my stars’ (please get the reference) it was fantastic (another reference there). Man, I’m on fire- not literally, I think I might be freezing to death whilst typing this. The struggles of having an attic bedroom.

From the age of eight, I was an eager subscriber to Doctor Who Adventures Magazine (or DWA as us ‘cool readers’ used to call it). And this magazine was my claim to fame. In every magazine, there is always a page where you send in your artwork and photographs and they get published if they’re deemed worthy. Except from ‘Hello’ mags and ‘Vogue’ where I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen an adult submit drawings of soap and movie stars. Anyway to cut a long story short, I drew a picture of the Doctor, Donna and The TARDIS before series four was shown on TV!  IT WAS PUBLISHED IN THE MAGAZINE! I can remember flicking through the magazine in ASDA doing my weekly shop with my parents (not endorsing this business- I’ve always wanted to say that weirdly) and I saw my picture printed in the actual magazine. I nearly ran out the shop with it just so I could show everyone. But yes, I’m literally famous. Please queue in an orderly manner if you’d like my autograph.

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry (another reference there) for not posting last week. I’ve been so busy with work experience and Doctor Who catch ups. I have my mock exams the week after next so I’m determined to get motivated and revise (not) so I probably won’t post until December.

Tell me what you think of Doctor Who in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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