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Happy December


The Winter season has finally approached and it’s time for decorations and shopping! I haven’t put my decorations up yet (that’s mum’s job) and I’ve only bought one present so far; FRONT ROW TICKETS TO WATCH LES MISÉRABLES IN THE WEST END FOR MY MUM. (She thinks I’ve bought the cheap-er tickets at the back of the theatre but I haven’t. This is completely worth lacking a social life for because I spend my weekends working for the money. I’m still debating if this is more of a Christmas present for myself or for my mum but anyhow, I’ve officially won the ‘Best Daughter of the Year Award’. I’d like to thank my readers for this opportunity because without you, this would not have been possible. *Unable to finish speech because of the uncontrollable tears running down my face*)

I won’t be able to post until the 12th December because I have mock exams for my GCSE’s and I should probably start revising even though they have started today. How festive and wonderful of my school to do this… in December. I’ve worked for four consecutive days as well as attending school so as a consequence, I haven’t had a proper rest in a while so if this blog is trés grammatically incorrect, I sincerely apologise and I shall edit it later on when I proof-read it, again.

Merry Christmas (for 24 days). x

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