Month Two and Three

I’ve read through my previous blog posts and they all pretty much mention how busy December has been. I never realised I whined so much. So I think you get the hint that I haven’t had much chance to post. This means that I’ve missed my monthly update blog post about my progress on 101 in 1001. We’re due for the month three post on January 3rd but I’M OFF TO DISNEYLAND then so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone (not literally because that would be nasty). This blog post will cover my slight, unacceptable progress over the last two months.

19) Read 50 books- My last update, I had read three books. I’ve made an appalling effort since the 3rd of November and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only read one more book. Anna and the French Kiss. I know, don’t look at me, I’m shameful. It was an extremely good read and I think you should all go to Waterstones (not endorsing this business, but it is by far the best bookshop around) and buy a copy, NOW!

23) Make a scrapbook on my visit to Disneyland in January- My sister bought me a scrapbook for Christmas especially for Disneyland. I’ve drawn the logo and several Disney characters on the first page so DISNEYLAND, HERE WE COME! Is it normal for a sixteen year old girl to be so excited for Disneyland?

36) Bake a cake- Do butterfly cupcakes count? Yes, yes they do. I made some butterfly cakes last night. I’m so awful in the kitchen. I left the cakes in the oven for five minutes longer than I was meant to. Dis-ast-er. I made some buttercream icing to go on top… and it was nice. I may not be able to bake cakes but I’m an ice-ing queen. Elsa, yes, I am Elsa.

38) Make and drink 50 cups of tea- I haven’t actually counted how many cups of tea I have had but I am certain I’m over the 50 mark. My friend bought me a Beatles mug for my sixteenth birthday and it has motivated me to consume mad amounts of hot drinks. Especially tea and mocha. And most of all, I have actually remembered to drink them all. A round of applause please, what an achievement. I’ll write this on my curriculum vitae, employers will be proud.

60) See Les Misérables in the West End again- I have bought my mum front row tickets to see Les Misérables for Christmas so surely I can tick this off my list?

82) Buy a ukulele- I have two ukuleles now. I have a cool one with the London Underground printed on it and I have a bog-standard one. (Bog, I used the word ‘bog’. So immature Catherine, grow up). I can’t play it though.

And that is all that has happened in two months. Wow. Well done to me (sarcasm). If you have done a 101 in 1001 post or are thinking about doing one, share the link in the comments below and I would love to have a gander.

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