Disneyland Paris

Four months ago, I posted this update; Disney, Disney, Disney! Four months later, I’m posting this one…

I spent 108 days counting down until it would be socially acceptable for myself to pretend that I was a Disney Princess for a short period of time.

Last Saturday, I woke up at an inhumane hour in the morning; 5 am. I do not understand how people wake up early in the morning… even for school. It takes a huge amount of motivation to wake myself up on a weekday in order to catch the school bus on time. However on Saturday, waking up at five seemed to be the easiest and most natural thing to do ever because I WAS GOING TO DISNEYLAND PARIS.

It is safe to say that I was far more excited than the majority of five year old children in the park. Even though I didn’t dress up as a Disney Princess, I had a Disney themed t-shirt for each full day I was there. A Disney t-shirt a day keeps the villains away!

disneyland paris
This was taken about ten minutes after walking into Disneyland from the train station. Despite already being wet from the rain and looking like a flannel, I was so so excited to re-live my childhood.

I went on every single ride in the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios except from the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Now I’m aware that it is arguably ‘the best ride ever’ but I absolutely hate drop rides. I don’t mind going down vertical drops on rollercoasters but free-falling drop rides. Ugh, never in a million years. I wish I was brave enough (do you get it? Disneyland? Brave? Merida? Never mind). For an extremely magical theme park, the queue times (for rollercoasters in particular) were very short. We often found ourselves queueing for only fifteen minutes, maximum. Queueing really irritates me though. I think I’m very impatient which is a trait I’m not eager to have.

The only flaw to the holiday was how Frozen-orientated Disneyland was. I understand that it is the latest worldwide Disney phenomenon but there was a parade solely for Elsa and Anna at least twice a day, every day. Where was Pocahontas and Mulan and Ariel and Belle? It was still very good though so I’m not going to complain too much.

WE MET ALADDIN AND JASMINE! They were in Adventure Land with a very short queue of people waiting for their autographs. My sister and I saw the opportunity to have our photo taken with them. I literally felt like a seven year old, internally screaming because I had met one of my childhood princesses. And, I quite fancied Aladdin. Shhhhh though. I also met Timon and Rafiki from the Lion King.

I MET ALADDIN AND JASMINE! I always do a weird pose whenever I have my photo taken whilst standing. It always happens. One leg sticks up in the air. I also feel the need to explain why I look so silly in my hat. It was very, very cold and I also have the worst eyebrows ever so I felt the need to cover my forehead.

Throughout the holiday, my sister and I have managed to lose two hats and a glove between us. Disneyland certainly made a mark on us so we decided to lose (reluctantly because it was very cold, like Frozen) our winter warmer accessories as a token of our gratitude.

Overall, the holiday to Disneyland was possibly one of my favourite, ever. I loved every moment of it and these last two days at school have seemed very dull because I haven’t yet come across Mickey Mouse roaming the corridors. Disappointing.

Au revoir.

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