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Les Misérables

I have just (literally, just) come back from spending two days in the good ol’ London town. I feel like I can now achieve anything because I didn’t get lost once on the tubes. Now that is an achievement, right? Can I pretty please have a medal?

For Christmas, I bought myself and my mum front row tickets to see Les Misérables at the Queens Theatre for the fourth time in the West End. I should be nominated for ‘The Best Daughter Award’. This was undoubtedly THE best performance that I have ever had the privilege to see. Every single second of it was so perfect and flawless and to make the day even better, I MET CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER AND CELINDE SCHOENMAKER: my two favourite people, ever!

carrie fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher plays the role Éponine in the musical. Words simply cannot do it justice to even express how amazing she was. Even her facial expressions. I first saw her play Éponine on the 4th January, last year, and both times, I have been completely in awe of her talent. Having first discovered Carrie Fletcher a few years back through her YouTube channel (itswaypastmybedtime), I have yearned for the opportunity to see her perform live and to just generally, meet her… and now I have. She even hugged me. She seems like the most genuinely lovely person and I’m so honoured to have met her.

carrie fletcher
IT’S CARRIE FLETCHER IN A GRYFFINDOR SCARF. Possibly the loveliest person I’ve ever met.

Celinde Schoenmaker plays Fantine in Les Misérables. I saw Les Mis on the 4th May 2012 where I first discovered Celinde playing Fantine. Her voice completely blew me away. So beautiful and elegant. I want her hair (in the most non-weird way as possible, I am really not phrasing this right!). It’s not humanly possible to be so perfect, right?! It was an actual dream come true to have had the privilege to meet THE Celinde Schoenmaker. Having had a photo with her and the fact that she has favourited four of my tweets, does that technically make us friends? (Please say yes, regardless of the answer).

Celinde Schoenmaker

I also met Rob Houchen who plays Marius. (I think I want to marry him, he is so cute and has killer cheekbones). 

THANK YOU FOR THE BEST DAY EVER! Carrie Fletcher and Celinde Schoenmaker are my life goals.

2 thoughts on “Les Misérables

  1. Sometimes I envy people like you, who have the opportunity to go to London or NYC to see musicals. People like me in Asian cities have to wait very long for one musical to drop by our area during an Asian tour. And I love Les Miserables as well! I just wrote a couple of posts on Les Miserables about a week or two ago, you might want to see them!


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