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I’ve been hovering over my keyboard for the last half an hour pondering on what to ramble on about in my next blog post when I magically (and yes, magically) found a musical theatre tag. A MUSICAL THEATRE TAG. A tag dedicated to musical theatre.

I saw Les Misérables in the West End last week (as you all probably already know from my twitter, instagram and previous blog post) and I’m still recovering from the spectacular performance. Spectacular is an underrated word. Spec-tac-u-lar. Anyway, I feel like it is a must to attempt this tag:

What was the first musical that you ever saw?

The first musical I can remember seeing was West Side Story. I was around 8 years old at the time and I absolutely dreaded the thought of sitting in a stuffy theatre hall for three hours, but I loved it. I remember sitting on the edge of my seat, trying to contain all my tears and trying to suppress my humming, even more so. Could be, who knows?

What was your favourite musical growing up?

I’m only 16 years old. I am still growing up, right?! Regardless of your response, my answer is the one and only; Les Misérables. I was 13 when I first saw the wonders of Les Mis on stage so for my teenage life, I have grown up with the emotional torture of this musical. At the end of the day, you’re another day older.

Have you ever been in a musical?

I wish! Does a school production of The Wizard of Oz count? If so, I played the scarecrow. And yes, I do have a brain… somewhere. I could wile away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, consultin’ with the rain. *Whistle*

What was the first musical you saw on Broadway?

I’ve never been to anywhere in America, let alone visit New York and Broadway. I’ve been to the West End though and I’ve seen Les Misérables four times!

If you could be any female character in any musical, who would you be?

Is this the point where I turn this tag into a Les Mis one? I’ve always wanted to play Éponine, for some wretched reason. I don’t understand why the girl who dies and STILL doesn’t get the guy appeals so much to me. I would also love to play Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd because isn’t there something appealing about baking people into pies? That makes me sound like a crazy person, it was a joke. And also, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

If you could be any male character in any musical, who would you be?

Pirelli from Sweeney Todd and Gavroche and Grantaire from Les Misérables are definitely on the cards for this one. Gavroche and Grantaire are the definition of sassy.

Favourite musical song to sing in the shower?

ONE DAY MORE! ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DESTINY! THIS NEVER ENDING ROAD TO CAVALRY! A one man performance of ‘One Day More’ from Les Misérables is a necessary shower track, yes? Please tell me it’s not just me… And also, ‘Tell me it’s not True’ from Blood Brothers. I like to keep my shower entertained.

Who is your favourite musical theatre actress?

I have three favourite musical theatre actresses and they all come from the same musical… no surprise here. I’ll give you 10 points if you can guess which musical. Number one, Celinde Schoenmaker who plays Fantine in Les Misérables. She has the voice of an angel which I guarantee you will fall in love with. Number two, Carrie Hope Fletcher who plays Éponine in Les Mis who I absolutely adore to bits. And finally number three, Samantha Barks who also played Éponine on stage and in the film. I saw her perform as Nancy in Oliver and I was blown away.

Who is your favourite musical theatre actor?

I only have one appropriate answer for this question; Ramin Karimloo. Oh my goodness!

Favourite film adaptation of a musical?

Sweeney Todd. I love the cast, I love the musical, I love the songs.

What do you think is an underrated musical?

Blood Brothers. No one ever talks about Blood Brothers and it is one of the best musicals that I have ever seen. Each time I’ve been an ugly mess on a chair from bawling my eyes out. Go see it, now! Find it and watch it!

What do you think is an overrated musical?

Grease. It is probably the one musical people have seen in my school and quite frankly, I don’t like it much. Every single time my GCSE music teacher isn’t in, we have to watch Grease. Why can’t we watch West Side Story instead?

What musical makes you cry?

I can guarantee that there will be a point in every musical production where I cry. I don’t think I’ll be able to list them all. Crying is inevitable.

Are there any musicals you’ve watched and hated?

I haven’t come across a musical that I’ve seen and hated yet. When I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Which musical do you want to see as a film?

The Phantom of the Opera. With Ramin Karimloo casted as the Phantom. Yes please.

What musicals are you dying to see?

I want to see Les Mis again for the fifth time, and preferably before the cast change. I want to see The Phantom of the Opera, so badly. It’s number one on my list of must-watch theatre.


What is your all time favourite musical?

LES MISÉRABLES, without a doubt.

I’m pretty sure my answer to 95% of these questions had the response of Les Misérables but anyhoo, this tag was so much fun. If you’ve attempted it, or want to, send a link in the comments below because I would love to read it. Also if you agree/disagree with any of my responses, I would love to hear it so drop a comment below!

I dreamed a dream in time gone by.

5 thoughts on “Musical Theatre

  1. Go see Phantom, you will not regret it! You might want to read about Phantom on my blog before/after watching; do check out if you’re interested! I share my views about various things in musical theatre.

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  2. West Side Story is definitely one of my favorites too! I saw it last year with a few friends at a theatre in a town near mine for my birthday and it was phenomenal. I would also definitely recommend Wicked if you ever get the chance. I saw that on Broadway last month and it was gorgeous.

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  3. West Side Story is amazingly emotionally brilliant. I love it. I’m studying it in GCSE music too! I would love the chance to see Wicked at some point soon, I just need to find someone to come with me!

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