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I have left my tea bag in my The Beatles mug for at least five minutes and it’s still weak… Why, Oh Lord, why?

Tea is always assumed to be a very British stereotype. The British love their tea; there is no denying the matter. But everyone else does too…right?!

I feel that now would be the perfect opportunity to express how much I appreciate the invention of string on tea bags. You know the little string you leave over your cup when your tea is brewing? Spectacular.

A Little English History on Tea

In the 18th Century, tea became fashionable in the United Kingdom. Since, it has become the second most consumed beverage across the planet… after water, of course- the planet is technically made up from it. It is assumed that on average, people consume up to four cups of tea per day. Sounds pretty legit to me. In the early tea-drinking days in the United Kingdom, it was considered to be a drink for the upper class. Originally, it was used as a medicinal drink in China.

The Perfect Cup of Tea?

Every time I make myself a cup of tea (or drink a cup of tea) in the presence of anyone besides my family, I am always met with a funny look and I never understand why. My idea of a perfect cup of tea is super strong, black and somewhere between one and two sugars. Black tea?! Weird. NO! 

Do you take your tea with milk, without milk, with sugar, with honey? Green tea, Camomile tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Fruit tea? Ugh, the suspense is killing me.

WHAT IS THE PERFECT CUP OF TEA? Please, please, please comment (or tweet) and I’ll summarise the results in a new blog post. 

3 thoughts on “Tea

  1. I absolutely love tea and my favorite is also black. Generally I drink TAZO Awake tea which is a black tea and I put honey in it. During the day I will have anywhere from 1-3 cups. My dad drinks 8 cups of plain green tea every day, and this is usually before 10AM. Haha! The very idea that tea drinking is British makes me love it more since I feel as though I am a Brit trapped in an American body. 😉


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