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One Thousand

I HIT 1000 VIEWS ON MY BLOG! That is SO cool. There has been over 1000 clicks on my blog which is super awesome and to make it even cooler, it’s been clicked on all around the world.

People have viewed my blog from the United Kingdom, United States, Malta, New Zealand, Slovenia, Indonesia, Philippines, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Armenia, Austria, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Argentina AND Ireland.


Thank you so so so much for gandering upon my thoughts and musings on this blog. It’s so cool to know that my boring blogs are read around the world.

What would be SUPER AWESOME is if I could ask my readers to comment below the country they are from to see how far this post can actually go?…

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