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All I Know Now

For over 250 days, I have awaited the arrival of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s highly anticipated book ‘All I Know Now’ and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to read a book… except from Allegiant, maybe. I needed to know the destiny of Tris and Four’s relationship and I’m sure Carrie can understand that, right?! Carrie Hope Fletcher, actress, singer, songwriter, author, vlogger and blogger, is an ‘honorary big sister’ and an inspiration to so many people (me, included).

Her YouTube channel (ItsWayPastMyBedtime) provides advice to her viewers regarding an important range of topics from peeing in a onesie (some serious skill- a good use of alliteration there, Catherine) to becoming confident to dealing with worry alongside some ah-mazing covers featuring Celinde Schoenmaker. Also, she often v-logs her days at Les Misérables Queens theatre where she performs as Éponine EIGHT times a week, every week. Is she some kind of super-hero? Carrie Hope Fletcher has just published a book… I know what you’re thinking, where has she managed to find the time?! 

I finished ‘All I Know Now’ over a week ago but I am STILL greatly suffering from post-book depression; you know, that sinking feeling you get after finishing an astonishingly good book and you’re still trying to come to terms with your daily lifestyle. What have you done to me Carrie?!

Just look how beautiful the cover is. Even the weird yellow splodge (is that even a word?!) is beautiful.
Just look how beautiful the cover is. Even the weird yellow splodge (is that even a word?!) is beautiful.

Three reasons why you should read ‘All I Know Now’:

1) Whether you feel like you’re parading through the teenage years like Beyoncé or whether you feel like life is getting a little too tough or even if you’re living proof that the teenage years are survive-able (it’s late, I’m just making up words now), I can guarantee that Carrie Hope Fletcher’s book will help you in some way; even if it’s by the tiniest little fraction. She has wisdom beyond her years.

2) Carrie Hope Fletcher has a way with words that can make you howl with laughter or make you cry into your tea. She handles everything with such grace (no irony to the title) and each word resembles art. I cried and I laughed (out loud) and I smiled.

 ‘I have a scar from where my friend’s parrot bit me, my life is ridiculous’

3) Under the sleeve. If you take off the sleeve on the hardback book, the actual book is decorated with little hearts and stars. It’s so pretty. I’m considering buying another copy purely for decoration purposes.

‘All I Know Now’ really couldn’t have come at a better time for me, personally. Dealing with the stresses of exams and other sensitive issues, Carrie Hope Fletcher poured her heart and soul into helping people (like me) to find a way to deal with the pressures of being a teenager. She shares her experiences and expresses throughout the book that she is not a professional but yet, she finds a way to share advice which makes everything a whole lot easier. A genuine weight has been taken away from my shoulders and I have a LOT to thank Carrie for.

The most genuinely lovely and kind hearted person I have ever met x
The most genuinely lovely and kind hearted person I have ever met x

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