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Exams: More Like Hell

Eight exams down; twelve more to go. I have pretty much neglected my blog for the last eleven days and I do profoundly apologise. It’s due to last minute cramming.

I revised for English Literature, Biology and Business Studies which were the ‘important’ subjects that were on this side of half term. So that was three exams and it literally took me a year to cover everything. (A slight hyperbole there- here you go guys, a bit of English Language revision for you procrastinators- what is a hyperbole?) I have twelve exams left; eleven of which are quite important and are worth revising. And guess what? I haven’t even started.

I have a week off from school and I’m away for three days of it so it’s safe to say that I won’t be getting those top grades.

I’m off to write a bigger and better blog to publish later tonight (maybe, I think I’m being a little too adventurous) but a little update on my boring (understatement) life.

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