Musical Theatre

Train Strikes and Theatre Trips

It was announced last week that trains were going to be striking over Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday which posed a masssssssssssive problem for my parents and myself. Yes, the additional s’s were necessary to prove exactly how much of a problem it is. We live 2 hours away from London and it’s not so ideal to drive down, flying isn’t an option and there’s no way we can walk. That leaves us with one transport method left… trains, but they have decided to strike.

It always happens to be the one time I have something planned, something happens to prevent it from happening.

It’ll come as no surprise for most people who have spent time reading my blog or happens to know me in person that I’m seeing LES MISÉRABLES on TUESDAY and I am SO excited to see Celinde Schoenmaker play Fantine once more. She is genuinely my favourite musical theatre actress EVER! Such an inspiration. Her voice completely blows me away. So beautiful and elegant and I want her hair (in the most non-weird way as possible, I am really not phrasing this right!)

To avoid missing Les Misérables, we’ve had to resort to booking an extra night in London prior to the show which means that we may be staying in London from Monday to Wednesday. Have I ever been more thankful to a train strike? Two nights in my favourite place ever, yes please. Slightly annoying this had to be last minute though. Therefore, we HAD to book tickets to see Miss Saigon, haven’t we? It would have been rude to otherwise.

I’ve wanted to catch Miss Saigon for so long but I’ve never had the opportunity to. It’s a dream to catch Hugh Maynard performing the role of John. I cannot wait. I am literally defying the urge to spontaneously combust.

How utterly amazing is it to be able to catch two west end shows in the space of two days with the opportunity to see some absolute talents performing before you? SO EXCITED.

You can most certainly expect a blog post updating you with every minute of my trip but I’m not entirely sure when I will be able to upload it because of Satan… I meant exams.

Just bringing this little gem back. Best day ever having the opportunity to meet such a lovely person.
Just bringing this little gem back. Best day ever having the opportunity to meet such a lovely person.

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