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I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream… and literally, it came true. I had the privilege of meeting Celinde Schoenmaker TWICE on my three day trip to the Good Ol’ London Town (cheeky self promotion: read it HERE when I get around to writing it. I’m lazy… but I have exams to do and revise for).

For those who have not yet been blessed with the knowledge of who Celinde Schoenmaker is, I will briefly update you before we receive variations on ‘Who am I?’ and no… she’s not Jean Valjean. Celinde plays Fantine in Les Misérables at the Queens Theatre in London Town and without a doubt, she is the best portrayal of Fantine. I have never seen anyone play the role better. She’s also Dutch which makes her extremely cool. I’ve always wanted to learn Dutch but instead, I settled with French because it was the only available option to me at GCSE. *Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* I met Celinde for the first time in February (the seventeenth, to be precise) and she was so lovely even though I didn’t get chance to say anything more than ‘hi’ to her. ButOH MY GOODNESS THOUGH, I met her twice this week and I HAVE to tell you all about it because I think I’ve already told everyone I know about six times if not more.

As of Saturday 13th June, Celinde moved on to her next chapter in life and kissed Fantine goodbye, for now. She’s off to kick butt elsewhere but whatever she does next, she’ll smash it!!!

Monday 25th May

SHE SAID I WAS SO SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL! I had a letter in my bag addressed to Celinde (I told her that I only wanted to give it to her and that she doesn’t have to read it) and I wanted to give it to her before it got screwed up because I can never keep anything in a pristine condition if I’m travelling with it (which is a nuisance when I have paperback books because I cannot deal with badly conditioned books- I literally can not enjoy the book). In response, she said to me ‘oh you’re shaking, why are you shaking?’ and I didn’t even realise it until she pointed it out and I couldn’t control the movement of my hands. But who could blame me? My idol and role model was stood right in front me. Being the lame teenager I was (or am), I could barely utter anything more than ‘because you’re my favourite oh my God’. She told me that I was ‘so sweet’ and then she looked at me and said that I was ‘beautiful’. Me? Beautiful? I’m nothing more than average to say the most. I couldn’t actually comprehend the fact that my favourite person who has mermaid hair (unreal) and such a pretty appearance (forget about Beyoncé- Celinde Schoenmaker is the real queen) called little old me ‘beautiful’. Unlike a normal and polite person who would have graciously thanked her (THANK YOU CELINDE), I proceeded to tell her that I was close to crying. I was completely overwhelmed. She asked me if she could give me a hug. In reality, it should have been me asking Celinde for a hug. It was such a surreal night that I will never forget. I tweeted her apologising to her for being such a blubbery mess and thanking her for being so lovely and she replied back. Oh my freaking goodness!    

Tuesday 26th May

I saw Les Mis on Tuesday night and I was sat in the middle of the front row. I am so lucky! Her performance of Fantine (and Angie) was so breathtakingly flawless. I barely breathed throughout ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ because I didn’t want to miss a single note. I will never understand how one can have so much talent. The entire cast took their bows together at the end and SHE WINKED AT ME… on stage…dressed as Heaven Fantine. She actually winked at me! My entire life goal had been achieved. How awesome is that? Celinde came out eventually and she came up to me despite being stood towards the back of the crowd. She remembered me, she came up to me. She asked me if I enjoyed the show and initiated small conversation about it. It was a phenomenal performance and I dare say, it was the best performance of the show that I’ve seen out of all the five times I’ve had the pleasure of catching it in the West End. She asked me whether I’ll be seeing her again any time soon but living two hours and an expense away from London means that I can’t catch her in Les Mis before cast change. I am legit crying for an eternity but at the end of the day, I will most certainly follow her in her next big adventure and I will be there, even if I will be on my own. (It’s just getting to the point where I’m trying to put in as many Les Mis songs as possible).     My dad turned to me after she left saying ‘I couldn’t approve of your role model more…’ I know that I’ve definitely made the right decisions in life. I can’t fathom how lovely she was and what a pleasure it was to meet her. Thank you Thank you Thank you Celinde. I can’t express how much I appreciate it and it was the B E S T two days of my entire life.

3 thoughts on “I Dreamed a Dream

  1. aaaaah I love Celinde!!! so jealous that you got the chance to see her, sadly I didn’t make it to London while she was on ;( I love the pictures! xx


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