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Miss Saigon

By the time that this blog post has been published, MY EXAMS WILL NEARLY BE OVER! Three more left. I will soon officially be THE happiest girl in the world. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say they went well, because quite frankly, they didn’t. I’m 101% convinced that Satan wrote the exam papers for 2015 because they were hideously hard but they’re done and I can’t change my result now. I tried my very best!

Due to the dreaded e-word (exams!), I’ve had to postpone my writing which means I haven’t yet had the opportunity to tell you all how AMAZING Miss Saigon was.

I saw Miss Saigon last month (25th May) as a result of a train strike that never happened… and I couldn’t have been more grateful towards an inconvenience because it was without a doubt, one of the best things that I have ever seen. I was familiar with the plot and the music but I never imagined that it was going to be as brilliant as it was on stage. My heart shattered into a million tiny pieces through the story of Kim and Hugh Maynard’s performance of Boi Dui.

Miss Saigon tells a tale of a doomed romance between a Vietnamese woman and an American GI and that is all that I am going to reveal because you really need to catch a performance of this amazing musical and you NEED to live through the emotion and the heartbreak… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I was lucky enough to catch Claire Parrish’s first performance as Ellen and oh my goodness, she was absolutely phenomenal. She blew me away. I originally discovered her playing in Les Misérables but she left early to pursue the role of the bar girl and first cover Ellen in Miss Saigon. And, how lucky was I to catch her first performance?  Amazing, amazing, amazing! Ellen is such a beautiful character with so much acceptance. She really breaks my heart because she’s so understanding about Chris’s situation once she deals with it herself.

There are only so many words you can use to describe Hugh Maynard because whatever you use, you can never quite do him justice. ‘Fantastic’ to quote the Ninth Doctor. (I’m really hoping you caught that Doctor Who reference). Bui Doi is an iconic song from Miss Saigon and it holds such immense power through its emotional meaning and Hugh Maynard puts his heart and soul into his performance. He doesn’t just perform it, he literally becomes everything and it touches you so much, and you can’t help but to be a burrito of sadness. (Deep). I feel like I’m turning into the girl from Mean Girls who wants to make the ‘happy cake’.

Eva Noblezada. Wow. Just wow. How is possible to possess such a talent at such a young age? Being only 19-20 years of age, it is merely impossible to be so crazily talented. I’m astonished to how she gets through six shows a week because it must be so emotionally and physically exhausting especially through how much she needs to belt throughout the show.

To conclude, (I’m just used to concluding all my work in exams- you can take the girl out of the exams but you can’t take the exams out of the girl… nope, I’m just losing it now) YOU NEED TO SEE MISS SAIGON! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

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