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Fluffy EscaPEAS (1/10)

For the past few days, I have been awake until the ungodly hours of the morning (three am) scribbling down all the facts about me which I can make relatively interesting. Relatively being the keyword because I am not interesting. I volunteered myself into doing the 100 Facts About Me challenge when I composed my 101 in 1001 blog post and I desperately need something else to tick off my list because I haven’t crossed anything off from it in absolutely ages. Shameful, isn’t it? I haven’t done monthly updates on my progress either…

I am currently on fact number 27… nine pages later in my notebook because I can’t, for the life of me, think of anything interesting about me that is worthy of sharing. Instead of listing pointless and random facts that is tedious to scroll through, I thought that it would be more considerate and less heavy to read if I posted 10 facts each week.

1) My full name is Catherine Francesca Rose which makes me sound rather sophisticated but I can assure you that I do not raise my little finger when I’m sipping my tea. I’ve always preferred Francesca to Catherine.

2) I am currently sixteen years of age which means that I am legally allowed to adopt parental responsibilities and buy lottery tickets (with a valid identification, of course- but what ID do you bear as a sixteen year old aside from a passport? I don’t quite fancy taking my passport out with me to buy a lottery ticket.) and yet I’m still not old enough to vote.

3) I really, really, really want to become a journalist when I’m older and the primary reason for starting this blog was to help me gain skills of writing to an audience. I’m not entirely sure if I’m gaining the skills but I really enjoy writing daft little blog posts.

4) I play a viola (which is BIGGER and DEEPER than a violin) and I have named my instrument Lola because the name rhymes and I find it really amusing. It’s the little things in life. I’ve been playing for eight years and I play in the City Youth String Orchestra (which I used to keep as a secret because I felt the need to ‘conform’- but DON’T ever conform to try and fit in with a crowd). I’m the only viola player in my orchestra.

5) I also play the guitar and banjo; not at the same time and not very well, either. They were both Christmas presents from my parents so I’m currently in the midst of trying to teach myself by watching endless YouTube tutorials and browsing the web.

6) When I was younger, I always wanted to work in a restaurant in my teen years before I went to university and here I am living the high life with my part time job in a restaurant. It was the thought of tips and endless socialising with customers that appealed to me most… and the food, definitely the food.

7) My favourite teddy bear is a dog named Fluffy who has now lost all of its fluff. Technically, he is now just a cloth with bead eyes attached to it but I’ve had him for as long as I can remember and he is my favourite childhood possession.

8) I think I’m really funny but in reality, I’m really not. It’s actually quite embarrassing how unfunny I am. Whenever I’m at work and I see a stray pea that must have fallen off a plate, I always feel the need to point at it and say ‘escaPEA’. It’s an escaPEA. I am sitting here at my computer laughing at that lame excuse of a joke.

9) I made up a word when I was a really young child and I used it in every social situation that I could. I refused to tell people what it meant and to be quite honest, I’m not even sure what it means now. Hovidge. It just means hovidge.

10) I fractured my wrist by bending it too far forward when I fell off my skateboard when I was nine years old. I spent the day learning how to skate in a cul-de-sac and I thought that I had finally mastered the arts of skating so being the cool child that I once was, I tried to ‘grind’ on the skateboard up a pavement curb. You can guess that the ending wasn’t too successful.

So here we have the first installment of my awfully, interesting life. I can assure you when I was drafting it, it was so much more entertaining than the displayed outcome.

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