Paranormal Activity

I solemnly swear (that I am up to no good- NO!) that I’ve had a supernatural/paranormal (do those two words mean the same? Food for thought) experience. And wow, too many brackets in one sentence.

This was originally fact number 21 in my ‘100 facts about me’ thingymajig but I’ve decided to post it as a whole blog post. Thingymajig is a rather cool word. I’m so close to giving up on that challenge (and I rarely give things up) because I can’t think of more than 33 facts about me. Only 67 to go.


Moving swiftly on, I want to share this ‘paranormal’ experience with you all. My parents and I spent a weekend away in Wales a few years back in October of 2010. After spending a lovely couple of days with fish and chips and the fresh Welsh beach breeze, we headed back home late afternoon on Sunday so that we could get back before the sun went down and so that we could get prepared for school the following day. Travelling back, we decided to take a scenic short cut route down a massive mountain hill which should have cut our journey length significantly.

When we reached the middle of the road on this mountainous hill which was several miles long, the car (a brand new Skoda Superb that was only four months old!) made the most horrific screeching sound that you could imagine. I can’t begin to explain the sound. It was like the car was been torn to pieces. (I only noticed ‘been’ twenty four hours after posting- can’t you tell that my dialect is coming through? Being, Catherine, BEING!) We climbed out the car and looked around to find anything which could have been producing the shrill screeching noise, but nothing was around! All that was surrounding us was sheep in the fields and not much more. There wasn’t a stone in the exhaust pipe or any other plausible resolution. We hopped (well, not so hopeful) back into the car and carried on down the road. The screeching noise continued. We were in the middle of no where and there was no phone signal either. No sign of human life. No other cars, no hikers, no houses, no tents- we were really stranded. We kept jumping out of the car to fully make sure that nothing was causing this hideous noise but we couldn’t find a single thing. We carried on driving down this road, fully petrified, for what felt like a lifetime and suddenly, the noise finally stopped as soon as a house came into our peripheral vision. Human life. *Cue the dramatic film music*. We jumped out the car once more after the screeching had stopped only to find something that wasn’t there before…*Music fades to a sombre violin*

Eight, deep scratches had been penetrated onto the surface of the car positioned in such a way that it would have been impossible for a stone from the exhaust to have carved it etc.

Once we had finally made it home (in one piece), we took to the internet to research if anyone had the same experience. We couldn’t find anything. After scrolling through a million, yes a slight exaggeration, Google pages, we finally found a news article from the 1940’s. It reported on the crashing of a bomber plane which was returning home in World War Two which had crashed on the mountainous hill and had killed all of the crew members. Eight crew members. Eight deep scatches all in a straight line.

Please put my mind at rest and share any supernatural experiences that you have had…

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