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Meet Mr Suckermate (2/10)

I’m already at a standstill and I’ve barely even started these facts about my ‘interesting’ life. I wanted to steer away from the ‘I love musical theatre, reading and Doctor Who’ because my blog is pretty obvious in emphasizing my love for those matters but I’m stuck. My life literally is musical theatre and Doctor Who and everything along them lines.

But here we go… Round Two *ding ding*…

11) I’m hoping to take English Language, Media Studies, Business Studies and Law at college in September for my A-Level courses with the desire to eventually pursue a career in journalism; or failing that, a career in business. I’m actually excited to start college. I’m sure these will be my famous last words come next year.

12) I played the Scarecrow in my year five school production of The Wizard of Oz and I enjoyed it so much. There was something about being in the spotlight that made me feel so comfortable but I never acted on the feelings. (I sound like I’m regretting a relationship or something). I even had to sing. Following my school production debut, I was cast as ‘Fearne Cotton’ who presented the entire show for the leaver’s production. I think my biggest regret is never joining a theatre company or not taking drama at GCSE.

13) I literally dream of moving down to London every day because I love the city so much; the flashing lights, the excitement and the endless discoveries. It’s so much more exciting than where I come from. The only problem is the cost of living but I’m too determined to find a way around it.

14) I used to have a pet fish which was really tiny when we bought him. He ended up growing incredibly big unexpectedly. His name was Suckermate because my family is the epitome of creative. He was our ‘mate’ and he sucked the side of the fish tank all day long. He ended up eating the rest of the fish.

15) Please don’t send hate but I really believe that Starbucks is overrated. There is nothing better than having a mocha from Costa Coffee. I went to Starbucks for the first time in years a couple of days ago… what a massive shocker!

16) I collect Minnie Mouse teddy bears because my obsession with Disney is out of control. We have all of our original Disney films on VHS still. True 90’s kid through and through. (Not that I remember the nineties). The Minnie Mouse teddy bears HAVE to be bought from an official Disney Park though. I have eight in total despite only having been Disney five times! They range from Minnie being dressed as Snow White to dressed in jeans and tshirt to dressed as a Christmas elf.

17) My parents would have called me Robert if I was born a boy which would have posed as a massive problem considering that I have great difficulty pronouncing my letter ‘R’s’. Wobert. I’ve only recently gone from saying Cafween to Catherine.

18) I really don’t try to conform, at all. If I don’t fit in within a crowd then I will happily stand out and carry on with my own things. I dislike people who try to change themselves to fulfill the desire to fit in. When I started high school (or secondary school as some call it, I think) I thought that people wouldn’t be my friend if I liked Doctor Who because they might have thought that I was a ‘nerd’. I absolutely loved (and still do) Doctor Who when I was 11 but I stopped watching it in the hope that I may be popular. I wasn’t. And I didn’t care. I started watching it again when I realised that what you like doesn’t fully define you.  I wasn’t myself without watching Doctor Who because it was part of who I was. It didn’t make me happy going ‘cold turkey’ on my favourite TV show. It was the worst decision that I ever made. Seriously, who cares whether someone likes a programme about a man who travels in time in a box and encounters aliens? It’s a cool thing to like… like bow ties.

19) I’m not a morning person, at all! Don’t talk to me in the morning because I will most probably snap at you unless the reason why I’m up so early is to go to London or Disneyland. On school mornings, my dad would wake me up and we’d grunt at each other twice. Once to acknowledge each other and twice to say goodbye before setting off to hell. I mean school.

20) I find this fact particularly hard to write about, especially on my blog but it is a massive aspect of my life that would be unfair to leave out when describing myself. I lost my best friend in a road accident two years ago when I was fourteen and he was the best person that I’ve ever known. It is for him that I always try to be the best possible version of myself because he was always happy and he had the ability to brighten the room. It is for him that I also embrace my passions because he taught me that I should always be true to myself no matter what. However, I do often get quite overwhelmed with grief and sadness because he is such a massive loss to me. He was my best friend. I miss him a lot.

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