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Phantom of the Opera

It’s my seventeenth birthday in less than three months. Three months. I’ll soon be legal to learn to drive so this is your three month warning. As of the 5th November, I strongly advise to you that you avoid roads as much as possible because I will most probably be a safety risk. I can barely walk in a straight line let alone drive. Or maybe I’ll be so good at driving that I’ll be the next Lewis Hamilton; who knows?!

Remember, remember the fifth of November when Catherine’s birthday is set. This literally sums up my life at Primary School where my classmates would sing this to me every single birthday. It’s Guy Fawkes day!

In REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS… I’m seeing the Phantom of the Opera for my birthday! Can I get a cheer and an applause please? I’m ridiculously excited. I’ve always wanted to see the show since I became an obsessing (I mean… ‘I like it a normal amount’) musical theatre fan. It was as soon as I heard the soundtrack featuring the 25th Anniversary cast including Sierra Boggess who I have previously seen as Fantine in Les Misérables and Ramin Karimloo who I have also seen as Jean Valjean. Truly talented people.

After dropping subtle hints to my parents for months and months that I would love to see Phantom in the West End, the best casting news was revealed. Celinde Schoenmaker (better known as my queen- check out my previous blog post here; cheeky self promotion) is going to be the new principle Christine Daaé. She has a thing for the ‘Tines’; Fantine and Christine. This is literally the best casting that I could have ever wished for. If she sings ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ as flawlessly in English as she does in Dutch, then oh my, I will legit be falling off my seat in utter admiration of her talent. And to top it off with the sprinkles on the ice cream, John Owen Jones is playing the Phantom. Seriously, I could spontaneously combust with excitement right now. JOHN OWEN JONES!

I am madly in love with Phantom to the extent that I think I may have watched the 25th Anniversary concert at least three times this week alone. Everything is just so beautiful. Music of the Night, Think of Me, All I Ask of You, Poor Fool… He Makes Me Laugh. The music to the boat scene to the costumes. Don’t even get me started on the costumes. I’d give anything for any of those dresses. An arm, a leg, a walking stick, you name it… I’d give it. Maybe not my limbs, I kind of need those.

I’m wayyyyy too excited. Only 90 days to go. Only.

5 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes. Have been waiting for you to write something on Phantom for a LOOOONG TIME! Yes, JOJ is possibly the most perfect Phantom out there today, but Ramin is still my favorite (JOJ is 2nd).


  2. I love Phantom so much, it is a serious contender for my favourite musical but I can’t do it justice for how amazing it truly is. Ramin is a gem, ridiculously talented and amazing guy! I’m so excited to see JOJ portrayal!!!!!


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