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Cringe Cringe Cringe (3/10)

I am throwing myself back out there with my third instalment of 100 facts about the MOST interesting person in the world; me! (Lies, lies, lies! Praise the Lord that I’m not Pinocchio!) 

21) I’m currently fighting the urge not to indulge in buying mugs. So far, I’m winning so surely I deserve a medal, right?! I have a massive obsession with mugs and yet I only own four; A Beatles mug (which Nia bought me for my 16th birthday, I sincerely thank you if you’re reading this), a cat mug, a Princess Belle mug (because who can resist buying Disney Princess mugs?!) and a flowery mug which the staff at the work experience placement that I applied for in Year 11 bought for me to thank me for my help. I’m currently eyeing up a Doctor Who mug and a Queen (the Band, not the monarch) mug.

22) *Cringe* From the ages of nine to thirteen (or maybe longer), I was a massive JLS fan. Massive. Mahoussive. I saw them in concert six time. I even travelled from Manchester to Birmingham just to see them again the following night. I met Aston Merrygold (on the early hours of 23rd January 2011, it’s embarrassing that I even remember that date) after watching their concert. They were staying in the hotel room opposite to mine. I met JB and Oritse that night too and they all saw my mum in her dressing gown. Claim to fame.

23) I love, love, love reading. I strongly believe that there is nothing better than losing yourself in a good story. I have a guilty pleasure for a cliché romantic chick-lit.

24) *This fact may make you slightly nauseous*. I have pencil lead stuck in my finger. Not the poisonous lead but it’s been there for years and years because I can’t get it out and I’m way too scared to go see someone who could do something about it in case they might have to amputate my finger.

25) I love Oreos. No endorsement. (Always wanted to use that). I have an actual out of control obsession with Oreos and that’s an understatement. I’m drooling just at the thought of them.

26) I am allergic to Domino’s pizza. Pizza. Seriously, why am I allergic to Domino’s pizza? I love Pizza Hut pizza but I’m allergic to Domino’s pizza. Please send your condolences in the comment section below. I’m not sure exactly what the ingredient is in which I’m allergic to but on all the three occasions in which I’ve eaten it, I’ve been violently throwing up for the rest of the night. I’m always keeping it classy,

27) I hate wearing socks because they make my feet feel claustrophobic but I hate having cold feet (no, not the pre-wedding jitters). Do you see my dilemma here? Which feeling am I meant to sacrifice?

28) On the lines of Miss Carrie Hope Fletcher, I either extremely love things with a passion or severely detest things. I’m always being told off for saying how overrated/underrated things are.

29) I really want to learn Dutch because I think that it’s such a beautiful language. And I also want to be able to read Anniek’s blog one day. And maybe understand what Celinde Schoenmaker is saying. My current knowledge is limited to ‘deze jongens’ which translates to ‘these lads’ in English. DEZE JONGENS.

30) I strongly believe that no outfit is complete without a knitted jumper/cardigan. My collection is becoming out of control. Perks of living in the United Kingdom, you can always almost guarantee that every day will be cold. The more colourful and wacky the cardigan, the better!

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