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The Terminator


It seems to me that when less was happening in my life, I had more to talk about. I’ve transitioned from high school to college this month meaning that my days in education are shorter (because free periods are now a thing, HELL YEAH!!!!!!) and I have more independence. I have to catch a couple of buses in order to get there and back whereas at school, we had a school bus which only picked up students at two stops. I’ve made new friends and spoken to more people. So having all this new-found freedom, why can’t I find anything to write about?!

I don’t want to start every blog post with a massive paragraph explaining my ‘absence’ so I’ll leave it at this and I will post my next blog very shortly. I’m aiming for tomorrow.

If there is anything that you would like to see featured on my blog, please send a comment down below or find me on my about me/contact page. Thank you very much. 

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