Quintessentially British

88 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I’m feeling the festiveness already… and it’s only September. It’s cold enough to be Winter though. I’m sat here clenching on to my mug of tea in the hope that it will vigorously warm me up.


Talking of tea… Let’s do the British tag. See what I did there, I deliberately mentioned tea for this smooth transition. 

 How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?

I never drink as much tea as I’d like to. I always have at least one cup a day but it always depends on how busy I am and whether I’m in the position where I can conveniently make a cup of tea.  I’ve only had two cups today. I drink my tea without milk which apparently is not quintessentially British but very European at least. And as for sugar, I’ll have anywhere between 1 and 3 teaspoons which sounds silly. If someone else makes my tea, I’ll have one teaspoon of sugar whereas if I make my tea, I’ll have two teaspoons of sugar. It has to be a strong cup of tea too.

Favourite part of your roast dinner?

The Yorkshire Puddings, without a single doubt! It’s my favourite food; alongside pancakes (which are essentially thinner Yorkshire Puddings considering they are both made with the same ingredients) and bacon. I also love the parsnips, stuffing and the Brussels sprouts. Yes, you heard me correctly. I love Brussels sprouts.

Favourite dunking biscuits?

It has to be ginger biscuits. I rekindled my love for dunking ginger biscuits in my tea a few days ago and I’m now addicted. Dunking biscuits is dangerous. Once you’ve dunked one, you HAVE to dunk them all.

Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm… This is a hard one. Does sipping tea whilst watching Doctor Who count? I do that on an almost daily basis. I moan about the weather a lot too. I moan if it rains or if it’s windy and I moan if it’s a sunny day.

Favourite British word?

I bloody love the word bloody. Much to my mum’s distaste as it is ‘technically’ swearing. But nothing is more bloody British than the bloody word bloody. Sorry mum! I must use the word in every sentence I say.

Favourite Cockney rhyme slang?

Being from the Midlands, I’m not very familiar with Cockney rhyming slang. I say ‘Starving Marvin’ which is meant to be ‘Hank Marvin’ which translates to I’m hungry. I occasionally say ‘apples and pears’ which is usually met with a weird gaze as it means stairs.

Favourite sweet?

Ooh. I love a good mint imperial and palma violets even if they do taste like washing up liquid. Not that I know what washing up liquid tastes like. I also like the cherry lips that taste of soap. Can’t you tell that I just like to be clean?!

What would your pub be called?

Something like The Drunken Cat Inn. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t given much thought to what I’d name a pub. It would serve real ales just because I love the signs on the pumps and a variety of Fentimans pop as not many places sell them and they are such pretty bottles. Typically British pop.

Picture 1821

Number one British person?

This is so difficult. For argument’s sake, I will say the Queen because I like to believe that I am quite patriotic. And she is now the longest reigning monarch which is pretty bloody awesome. Long live the Queen!

Look how cute she is!
Look how cute she is!

Favourite shop/restaurant?

Waterstones. Definitely Waterstones. Nothing more British and nothing better than a good bookshop. Also Webberley’s is a fantastic bookshop which is local to where I live. It’s been trading for 100 years and is sadly closing the doors very soon. As for my favourite restaurant, it specialises in Japanese food and isn’t British. You can’t beat a good Fish and Chips take-away though.

What British song pops into your head?

Hey Jude by The Beatles. The most amazing band to ever walk the Earth. Bohemian Rhapsody also pops into my head when you say ‘British’.

And finally… Marmite, love it or hate it?

I don’t think I’ve actually ever tried so I can’t actually answer this question. I’m in no rush to try it though so I’ll stay partial.

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