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An Ample Blog Post (4/10)

  1. (4/I love musical theatre,
  2. No, I really do love musical theatre.
  3. I don’t think you quite understand how much I love musical theatre.

When your life revolves around musical theatre and not much else, it’s so difficult to think of more than three ‘interesting’ facts regarding your life that doesn’t consist of an extensive list of musicals that you’ve been lucky enough to see and how much you love them.

The 101 facts about me challenge which I’m in the midst of attempting may have to settle to 50 facts because I ran out of interesting facts at number two. I’m ridiculously boring. If you missed the previous three instalments, you can read them here:

Fluffy EscaPEAS
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Cringe, Cringe, Cringe

31) I have a huge phobia of dogs. Seriously, they terrify me. I’m always met with a look of discontent whenever I give a dog a wide berth as if I’m the weirdest person they’ve ever met. I can deal with cute dogs but I really need to psyche myself up when I know I’ll come into contact with a dog. There are literally only about three or four dogs which I actually like (can you believe?!) and not feel like running away from. I got pushed over by a dog on a beach once and I think my fear stemmed from there onwards. Just picture me lying in sand crying over a little puppy which jumped up to put its paws on my knees.

32) I feel like I’m the 0.2% who actually enjoys playing Monopoly. No one is ever ever ever willing to sacrifice a few hours of their time to play a game with me. Any volunteers?

33) The word ‘ample’ makes me cringe. Ample. Ew. We were house searching last year and every single house description used the word (or lexical choice as A-Level English Language would encourage students to use as a substitute for word) ‘ample’ to describe a room which could fit no more than a small single bed. Ample living space. Cringe, cringe, cringe!

34) I’m currently reading Love Rosie by Cecilia Ahern which was previously titled Where Rainbows End before it was turned into a feature film featuring Sam Clafin (a casting choice that I strongly approve of). I always hate watching the film before I’ve read the book but I’ve seen it a few times and it is already in my top ten favourite films.

35) I went to the Zoo the other day. There was only one dog there… It was a Shih Tzu. I also went to the sea-life section and again, nothing was there. It was otter ridiculous. This is my favourite joke by far. I love a good pun.

36) This is probably the most boring blog to exist in the world of boring blogs. There’s nothing interesting that I can tell you at all about myself and my boring life.

37) I have a massive addiction to rocky road. It is essentially biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows and raisins and it is the best thing to ever exist. And it’s so easy to make. And fun. There is something satisfying about using a rolling pin to smash biscuits. Can’t you tell I have the mental age of a five year old?

38) I’m off to Crete in one week and we’ve spent the entire evening planning out our meals on Trip-Advisor because we are a very food-centred family. I’m super super excited for a week full of sun, food and alcohol…. I mean… coca cola. With no ice, please.

39) Moving swiftly on, I really don’t understand people who have ice in fizzy drinks. As previously established, I work in a restaurant and it surprises me by the amount of people who’ll ask for Pepsi with ice but no lemon. Ice waters the fizz down and the Pepsi loses its flavour. I don’t understand. Surely adding ice ruins the fun element of the fizz.

40) It’s 70 days until Christmas and I’m feeling ridiculously festive already. When is it too soon to wear my Christmas jumper? I cannot wait to eat Brussels sprouts in mass amounts again. Best bit of Christmas. Only three more presents to go before my Christmas gifts are complete for my family and friends.

(PS. Guess who’s going to see Phantom of the Opera again????)

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