Rethmynon, Crete

My sister turned the ripe old age of twenty two today and she is on the verge of a breakdown claiming that she is growing too old. And yes, you read correctly… She has only turned 22. Two and one fifth of a decade old. She’s definitely not feeling how Taylor Swift felt when she was twenty two. (I had to Google this to make sure it was an actual song because my music taste is so old fashioned). 

I’m nearing the end of my October half-term break to Crete with the family so I’m blogging to you from Greece. How cool is that?! It makes me sound rather well-travelled… ish! In reality, it just makes me sound like a young girl who’s on holiday. One can only dream.

Unlike the Canary Islands where we stayed last year, Crete’s Autumn temperature is rather quite cool and it’s safe to say that I haven’t packed appropriately with my selection of dresses and short sleeved shirts. Thank the Lord that I brought my denim jacket and leather jacket for ‘safety measures’. Unfortunately, I’ll be returning to the UK just as pale as I left.

As established in my Tenerife blog post, it is always essential to bring along a few holiday reads to keep you entertained in the bits between exploring and sleeping and eating. I’ve brought three books with me this year; Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. One and a quarter books down, one and three quarters to go. I finished Love, Rosie on the flight to Crete and it was amazing. Just as good as the film if not better. I’m currently reading Gone Girl but I’m reserving my judgement until I’ve read a bit more. I think I’ve chosen to read this book at the most inappropriate time because these cliffhangers are too much to deal with when you don’t have enough time to read a large chunk of the book in one sitting.

We’re staying in a lovely little town called Rethmynon (which keeps being corrected to ‘Northmen’ by autocorrect and is also SO HARD TO PRONOUNCE when you already have difficulty with pronouncing the letter R) which is packed with little souvenir shops in tiny little roads which reminds me of Italy. I’ve noticed that these shops are very keen on selling catapults… What a strange souvenir. I’m resisting the urge of buying myself one. I don’t know what situation I’ll ever get in where I desperately need a catapult.

Don’t even get me started on the food. I think I’ve established somewhere within my blog that I am absolutely besotted with pancakes/crepes… whatever your heart desires to call them. I love pancakes to the extent where Shrove Tuesday (PANCAKE DAY!) is literally my favourite day of the year. Crete is the home to the best crepes that I’ve ever EVER ever eaten. And that is a quite a statement for me to make. I had a white chocolate, plain chocolate, oreo, strawberry and banana crepe and it was heaven. Heaven on a plate.

The meal pictured below is advertised as a ‘meal for two’. TWO PEOPLE. Believe me, I have a very large appetite and I’m not often phased by generous servings but that ‘meal for two’ could feed the entire population of the United Kingdom… literally. I’m still full and I ate it several days ago.
We also visited Chania which is the second largest city on the Island of Crete that has a pretty promenade and harbour filled with restaurants. We dined in a restaurant which catered my second favourite food (behind pancakes, of course). Fried courgettes. If you haven’t tried them, then I seriously urge you to. Your life will never be the same again.

Just to finish the blog post, I thought I’d attach a rather cheesy image of my sister and I on our first day.

ευχαριστώ for reading. (I do believe the symbols translate to ‘thank you’ in Greek)


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