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17 Going On 70

My blog is turning into such an non-chronological mess. It was my 17th Birthday last week (at the time of writing this) and I was way too excited to post my Phantom of the Opera blog post which meant that I’ve had to delay this upload…

I’m officially seventeen years of age. I can now legally learn to drive, how exciting! I have my provisional license sorted so all that I need now are driving lessons. This is your warning to stay off the roads. Even if you live in Australia, I’m warning you to stay off the roads for the duration of my lessons. Just in case.

I’m currently binge watching YouTube videos featuring Carrie Hope Fletcher and Celinde Schoenmaker in the attempt to digest my ‘post-Phantom depression’. I’m having insane withdrawal symptoms. Who said that being an obsessive musical theatre fan was a healthy addiction?! And it’s also getting quite late and I’m losing the ability to form sentences that make sense.

I had a fabulous birthday and birthday weekend so this is a short and sweet blog post to thank everyone I know who made it such a great week. I’ve been ridiculously spoilt by my wonderful friends and family with all the gifts that I’ve been showered with:

  • Clothing, lots and lots of clothing (which are wacky, colourful and right up my street)
  • A scarf which is an item of clothing that I really lack especially considering it’s Winter. I have a Slytherin scarf which for some reason never leaves my wardrobe.
  • Boxes of Celebrations and Heroes chocolates which are something that I’ve asked for, for every single birthday but for some reason, everyone always thinks that I’m joking.
  • Four mugs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mugs. My dad bought me two mugs from Finland where he just returned from on a business trip and my two wonderful best friends bought me a Beatles mug and a chalk mug which you can draw on. Amazing.
  • A snow globe which has London in the snow on it. It’s so beautiful and will be on my shelf throughout the year. Forget Christmas.
  • A tub of Marmite, Travel Monopoly and Cake Mix which is a ridiculously thoughtful present because they are all little gifts based on what I’ve said and wrote about on my blog which were each wrapped up with a little riddle written on a sticky note. I’m not going to lie, it made me tear up slightly when I opened it.
  • Money which definitely will not be going towards more theatre tickets. Sense the tone.
  • … And many, many more presents which I’m forever grateful for.

I definitely have the best people surrounding me in my life and I couldn’t ask for more.

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