441 Days Ago

I was going to post a blog update on Friday night but I actually left the house to go to a party. I know… surprising right? I still made myself a cup of black tea and stole some ginger biscuits whilst sipping on a gin and tonic at the same time so my Friday night wasn’t THAT different to the norm.

Anyway, I’m sorry these blog posts are far and few between; I’m planning on posting weekly once the new year begins. That is my New Year’s resolution and that is one that I am most definitely going to try my best to keep to.


Now onto the real topic of this post:

My sixth post onto this blog was the 101 in 1001 which I posted 441 whole days ago. The post is essentially a bucket list of 101 things which I hoped to have achieved in 1001 days. I’m only 58 and a half days away from the half way mark so I thought I would share my progress, or lack of with you:

Italic writing are updates that I’ve included in this blog post.


  • Make at least 101 blog posts (57/101)
    Only 44 blog posts to go
  • Get 101 followers 
  • Get 1001 blog hits 

  • Write 10 book reviews on catherinesblogs
  • Write 10 film reviews on catherinesblogs
  • Write 10 advice posts on catherinesblogs
  • Write 10 Top 10 posts on catherinesblogs
    I don’t even think I’ve written a single post regarding any of those topics above. There’s 40 posts already planned. 
  • Update once a month on my progress of 101 in 1001
    I have failed this one. There is no redeeming myself of this. 
  • Blog every day for one month
  • Complete a list of 101 things that make me happy
  • Complete a 100 facts about me blog post
    I’ve attempted this but I struggled to get to fifty facts because I’m so unfathomably boring. 
  • V-log


  • Save £1001 

  • Put £5 in a box for each completed task
  • Donate £2 for each uncompleted task to a chosen charity
  • Set up savings account
  • Save money by not buying clothes/shoes for one month
    I haven’t bought myself clothes or shoes in ages. Ages. 
  • Keep my job throughout the 1001 days
    So far… so good.


  • Read 50 books
    How was I meant to keep track of the number of books that I’ve read in the last 438 days? 
  • Write 1001 words of a novel
  • Write in a diary every day for one month
  • Read a book in a day
  • Make a scrapbook on my visit to Disneyland in January 

  • Fill up a notebook with short stories
    I obviously thought I was imaginative when I made this goal. 
  • Get a library membership
  • Learn to get over books with cracked spines


  • Create something special for Greg’s grave
  • Win next year’s Charity Tennis Tournament for Greg
    I came last……. Sorry Greg.


  • Watch 50 Disney films
    Again, how was I meant to keep track of my progress here?
  • Watch Series 1-10 of FRIENDS
    (in order without skipping to my favourite episodes)
  • Watch Doctor Who revival Series 1-8 in order
    (just because I need something on this I can tick off)
  • Find another TV series to obsess over
    I got very obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and then lost all interest when  season six was available on Netflix. 
  • Go the cinema on my own
    Note to self: You SHOULD have seen Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part Two at the cinema. You should have done.
  • See something at the cinema I wouldn’t usually see
    I went to see Jurassic World and wasn’t expecting it to be about dinosaurs… How stupid can I get? 
  • Watch 100 films
    I haven’t even counted how many films I’ve watched this year. I watched a really heart wrenching film yesterday however, it tore me apart… Still Alice.


  • Bake a cake
    I made cupcakes and scones… that counts as a cake, right?! 
  • Cook a meal on my own from scratch
    (without giving myself or anyone else food poisoning)
  • Make and drink 50 cups of tea
    (because I’m ALWAYS forgetting to drink my cup of tea whilst it’s warm)
    I probably had 50 cups of tea today alone, let alone in 1001 days.
  • Have a steak cooked under medium-well
    I had it cooked medium-rare whilst on holiday. I blame it on the language barrier. 
  • Try sushi
    I am too un-adventurous for this.
  • Make a cocktail
  • Have a picnic under a nice tree
    This is a massive problem when you suffer from hayfever.


  • Go Bingo
  • Pour a cask ale
    Boooooyah! Perks of working in a pub/restaurant 
  • Do not get a tattoo because my Mum will not like it and I will regret it.
    (The original post was ‘get a tattoo’ but my mum didn’t like the idea of it and changed it, haha).


  • Go indoor skydiving
  • Become physically and mentally healthier
  • Become able to run 5k
  • Complete the Race for Life
  • Go to the gym three times a week for one month
  • No chocolate/sweets/biscuits for one month
  • Have a spa day
  • Go segwaying
  • Go on a zipline
  • Have a cave man session at the gym
  • Ride a bicyclePffftttttt…. Me? Excercise? You’re having a laugh.


  • Go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour
    This will happen. I am telling you, this will happen.
  • Go to Thorpe Park theme park
  • Go to Spain with my sister
  • Go to a Water Park
  • My sister and I went to Siam Park in Tenerife last year. Amazing.
  • See Les Misérables again in the West End
    17th February and the 26th May 2015 AND I met Celinde Schoenmaker on both occasions.
  • Go camping
  • Weekend in London
    7th November. We went to see Celinde Schoenmaker in Phantom of the Opera for my seventeenth birthday. 
  • Weekend in Paris
  • Weekend in Dublin
  • Go the theatre to watch something which isn’t Les Misérables
  • Move house 

  • Go to a live music event
  • Go to a convention with Doctor Who and Sherlock actors/actresses


  • Make a new friend
  • Go on holiday with my best friend
  • Meet a famous person (Celinde Schoenmaker and Carrie Hope Fletcher)


  • Learn to drive
    I’m seventeen. *Resisting the urge to burst out in Miss Saigon lyrics*. I NEED NEED NEED to start learning.
  • Get at least 5 A’s at GCSE
    6A’s and 6B’s… Booyah!
  • Pass my French GCSE
    (at any grade because i’m THAT hopeless)
    GCSE FRENCH: GRADE B! Jai dix-sept ans.
  • Do my homework on the day it has been set for a whole month
  • Stop procrastinating


  • Learn to fingerpick on my banjo/guitar 

  • Learn another song on my banjo which isn’t The Beatles
    If I hadn’t snapped the highest string…
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Properly learn how to play ‘River Flows in You’ by Yirumi on guitar and piano 

  • Properly learn how to play ‘Claire De Lune’ by Debussy on guitar and piano
  • Buy myself a ukulele
  • Learn to play the ukulele


  • Get my nose pierced
    I’ve done my rebelling, I feel fulfilled.
  • Get my eyebrows done (18/10/14) 

  • Dye my hair brown
  • Become organised
  • Become interesting
  • Find something that will ALWAYS cheer me up


  • Use my Costa Clubcard
    It’s an absolute God-send when your college has a Costa Coffee and you have two and a half hours to kill… every single day.

  • Buy a colouring book 

  • Buy myself a camera
  • Draw something uber cool with sharpie pens
  • Set off Chinese Lanterns


  • Travel in the TARDIS
  • Become a Disney Princess
  • Go shopping with Leighton Meester
  • Meet Blake Lively
  • Solve a case with Sherlock

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