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2015: My Year in Review

Ever since I lost my best friend in a car accident in 2013, I developed a habit of disregarding every year that has passed since as being a ‘bad year’… which in hindsight is the worst thing you can do. Granted that my life may never go back to how it used to be but I’m only 17. I still have my whole life ahead of me and it’s now up to me to make it happy and full of memories that I’ll always cherish. For myself and for my best friend. One day, I will blog about this part of my life but just not yet. I want to make certain that I’m ready to write about it.

Well that wasn’t the most happiest of blog openings, I do apologise… but it felt fitting.  Now onto a lighter note…

2015 has been one of the most ‘important’ years of my life because I sat through 20 exams to receive 12 GCSE results which determined my educational pathway… and as some teachers argue it, my entire life and career.

The year started with a belated 16th birthday/Christmas present to Disneyland Paris. My sister and I spent five days running around the Disney parks like two very excitable five year olds… or like Rapunzel in Tangled when she left the tower for the first time. Something like that. We had photos taken with Jasmine and Aladdin as well as Rafiki from the Lion King and no, they’re not people just dressed up. They were the real Aladdin and Jasmine. 

disneyland paris
Disneyland Paris

As a Christmas present for my mum, I took her to see Les Misérables in February. You know what they say, a present for you = a present for me. This marked the fourth time seeing the spectacular phenomenon. After what I insisted was ‘the best performance yet’ which is what I say after each Les Mis show, I was lucky enough to meet Carrie Hope Fletcher, Rob Houchen and of course, Celinde Schoenmaker. Three very, very, very talented individuals who are each incredibly down to earth people.


Fast forwarding to May, train strikes which disturbed the entire of the UK somehow seemed to be a God Send. We had tickets to see Les Misérables again to catch Celinde Schoenmaker play Fantine before she left the show in June. Due to the strikes, we had to make plans to arrive in London a whole 24 hours from what was originally planned and therefore we had an extra night in London. Oh what a misfortune. So we just had to simply book to see Miss Saigon which triggered a whole new obsession. The three days in which I spent in London has to be the best three days in my entire life. I had the privilege of meeting my idol twice and she called me ‘so sweet and beautiful’. Still weeping over this.

And then the exams started…20 exams in the space of four weeks. I survived them without going insane which is quite an achievement in my book. I think I drove everyone mad because I was adamant that I was going to a fail a few exams. I managed to get 6A’s and 6B’s… not too shabby if I say so myself.

I started college in September and grew a lot closer to my friendship group as well as meeting some amazing people. I don’t think I could be happier. Of course I still have some low and dark days but they are becoming a lot less frequent and few and far between.

Skipping ahead to October, we went to Crete for a week where we celebrated my sister’s 22nd birthday and I experienced the best crepe of my life. Stuffed with oreos, chocolate, strawberries and banana. Amazing.

In November, I turned seventeen and suddenly became old enough to drive. How did that happen and who in this world trusts me to drive?! I went to see Phantom of the Opera, a musical which I’ve obsessed over for such a long time. It was the most remarkable show that I’ve ever seen. Ever. Absolute raw talent. And guess what?… I met Celinde again and she remembered me from May. This truly made my entire year.

And then Christmas arrived with theatre tickets to see Cats, Hairspray and Avenue Q at my local theatre… many more adventures for 2016.

Can we also have a moment to appreciate that another year has passed where I’ve managed to keep my job? I dropped pepper sauce all over a woman and her coat so I’ve demonstrated how clumsy I am and I’ve still managed to keep my job. I love it and I’ve met some amazing people too.

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