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Reality vs Illusion … Late Night Ramblings

If you want something enough, then stop at nothing until you get there.

When did I become old enough to start looking for universities? When did I become old enough to even consider moving away next year? When did I become old enough to drive?

I mentally feel like a twelve year old. Capable of being independent enough to go shopping without parental guidance… but not living on my own. I don’t think. What am I going to do if my light-bulb stops working? How do you even change a light-bulb? And most importantly, why is a light-bulb my biggest priority right now?

I’ve had my ‘perfect’ life planned out for so long and it’s so close to the ‘beginning’ of that journey. I want to study Journalism and Creative Writing at a university in London. There’s nothing I want more in life than to become a journalist. Writing is my passion… alongside musical theatre of course. Merge the two together and Bob’s your uncle!!!! I’ve never understood that phrase… 

And I’m so determined to study in London. It’s my favourite place apart from Disneyland… and as far as I’m aware, there are no universities located in the Magic Kingdom. Consider that Disney! London is my favourite place on Earth. I’m not quite sure what the lure is but I’ve never felt more at home.
But why is it so ridiculously expensive? London universities only seem realistic to those who live there and have been brought up there or for those who are rolling in the dollar. 

I started this blog post late the other night and I slept leaving it incomplete and now I’m returning to it, I can’t remember the actual point of this post. Late night ramblings. 


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