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Pet Peeves

Ughhhhhh I have mock exams for my A-Levels. How did I manage to get so far behind taking three subjects? Three. I’m literally working my socks off to cover all the content… which isn’t hard considering I don’t wear socks. It’s an idiom Catherine, duh! You see, I really am revising. Top quality English Language knowledge right there.

Lately, I’ve been gathering a list of things that grind my gears. I very rarely think that things are ‘alright’. I either love things obsessively or hate them; just like marmite. For the record, I’m not a massive marmite fan.

  1. Cutlery that doesn’t match. You buy your cutlery in sets for a reason so they all have the same pattern. Don’t mix and match your patterns. You wouldn’t wear red and pink together so don’t make your cutlery endure odd patterns.
  2. Used spoons. This makes me cringe so much. You know, whenever you eat cheesecake or ice-cream and you use your spoon, it leaves almost a slobber-like trail where you can see the direction of where the spoon has been pulled from the mouth. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Working in a restaurant means handling used spoons and it gives me shudders… I’m probably in the wrong job but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  3. Ample. I hate this word. Ample space. Ample time. Sufficient will suffice. It’s just not a pleasant word.
  4. Seldom. I hate myself for getting into a habit of saying this word. I feel like if I say it often enough, it will annoy other people so they won’t say it. Catherine’s logic works wonders.
  5. Calling bath products ‘smellies’. This one I have no explanation for. I don’t know why it aggravates me so much because there is nothing annoying about it but it insanely annoys me
  6. *22 celebrities who you didn’t know who have been arrested*. Those bitchy celebrity picture websites. I have a great guilty pleasure in reading articles such as the ’22 best and worst dressed celebrities at the Oscars’. The good quality bitchy pictures and captions that are often found behind a link of a Facebook advertisement… which do lead to legit websites before anyone questions them as a virus. But you have to keep clicking the next button and wait for what feels like a century to find out the next worst dressed celebrity because they take so long to load.
  7. Bus drivers. Not the actual people nor the job. Just the routes and the logic. I have to catch the bus at least twelve-fifteen times a week. The majority of these journeys are to and from my home to the town centre before making another commute to college. What is essentially a 20 minute journey takes 50 minutes to an hour if the traffic is good.  For every single journey, they decide to change drivers half way through the route and most of them aren’t even present at the bus depot to swap jobs. This adds another 15 minutes on to the journey which means that’s a whole 15 minutes in which I could have spent catching up on my beauty sleep. 
  8. Eating sweets in the theatre. I went to see the Sound of Music on Tuesday (blog post to follow shortly) and the rustling of sweet wrappers accompanied the orchestra rather quite nicely. I strongly feel that sweets in wrappers should join cameras and filming in the list of forbidden things to do in the theatre. Can we not just buy treats in quiet wrappers? Please, please, please!
  9. Correlation. My dearest friend has landed herself in the most annoying habit of the century. In whatever she says, no matter what context, she uses the word correlation. She messaged me just to tell me she used “correlation” in a conversation with somebody. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the English Language I don’t like. Discombobulated is a lovely word. As is magnificent. 

If you have any pet peeves, then please let me know as I’d love to hear all about them 🙂

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