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This will mark my 71st blog update and I’m ashamed to say that no previous post truly expresses my love for the Divergent trilogy.

The Divergent trilogy takes place in a future Chicago in which society is split into five factions in the aim that it will restore peace following a war. Tris Prior, the teenage protagonist and narrator of the series, transferred from Abnegation to Dauntless in the Choosing Ceremony when she turned 16.

Faction before blood. Each faction holds a virtue that they value most.

Abnegation values selflessness; the act of helping others before yourself.
Amity values kindness; to always see the best in others.
Candor values honesty; to always tell the truth no matter what the situation.
Dauntless values courage; to always stand up for what you believe in.
Erudite values intelligence; to develop and better themselves.

At the age of 16, everyone is permitted to take the initiation test which determines which faction better suits the person as one trait is more dominant than the others. Those who defy this, who belong in more than one faction, are called Divergent and are considered to be a threat to the society because they belong in too many factions; they possess too many traits.

Ever since I read Divergent in 2012, I’ve always wondered which faction I would fit into most. I’m not a dishonest person but I know that I wouldn’t fit into Candor. I’m not exactly selfish but then I’m not selfless enough to be in Abnegation. I want to believe that I would choose Amity, Dauntless or Erudite. I love books and I want to be a journalist so bloody much contrary to the bad grammar demonstrated in this blog. I love the idea of a motivational and kind environment but I often doubt whether I’m kind enough for Amity. Go with happiness. When push comes to shove, I fear confrontation… and sushi. Dauntless is definitely not for me despite how much I may persist I am.

Amity or Erudite?

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