Musical Theatre

Les Misérables AHHH!

It’s currently 1:05 AM and I cannot, for the life of me, sleep. I need to be up in six and a half hours because I have a train to catch at 10:50 to London *faint squeal*.

The Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert DVD is currently being played on DVD in my bedroom and I’m finding it so difficult to not join in with I Dreamed a Dream and wake up the entire household. As they tear your hopes apart, as they turn your dream to sha-aa-aa-aa-aa-me!

I’m seeing Les Misérables today and I truly cannot contain my excitement. It has been 316 days since I last saw my favourite musical so this visit has been very long overdue. Tissues are at the ready and I’m prepared to cry through the entire packet. I AM SO EXCITED!

Eva Noblezada, formerly Kim of Miss Saigon, made her debut as Éponine on Monday evening and I have the privilege to catch her third performance on the Queens Theatre stage. I’m sure that I’m in store for something amazing.

Keep your eyes peeled for my review which should be going live on Friday if all is well 🙂 and wish me luck, I’m sure I’ll drown the entire theatre with my tears.

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