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Having a Little Stress (Late Night Ramblings)

I’m pretty chilled when it comes to  exams and stuff. I have it under control until I’ve attempted an exam and found the questions impossible. I was absolutely dandy with my GCSE’s until after I did the exams and convinced myself that I only gathered a handful of marks. I must have sounded like a broken record moaning that I’ve failed my exams. I didn’t. I came out with 7A’s and 5B’s which wasn’t too shabby considering I went through a hell of a lot through high school and wanted to be anywhere but there.

My AS exam for Media Studies is fast approaching. 27 days. And this is the one exam where I truly am feeling the pressure. This exam determines whether I start university in September next year or whether I am required to spend an extra year at college. I will be so disappointed if it is the latter.

There are two sections to this exam; TV Drama and Institutions and Audiences. I’ve revised the entire content for the Section A, learning the terminology regarding camera shots, editing, mise-en-scene, sound and various stereotypes. It could be a section that could be potentially easy to blag my way through. Is blag a word?

The second section, Institutions and Audiences, is content that I really do not understand. I don’t know how to even go about revising it. It hasn’t clicked yet and I find it absolutely tedious to revise things that I really struggle with. Isn’t that the point of revising though, Catherine? Nothing seems to make sense no matter how much I try fixing the parts together. *Exhaling a mahoussive sigh*


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