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Less Than Two Weeks

Why would you do that to me? After everything we’ve been through… I’ve held you, kept you alive, gave you power when you had nothing left. And now you do this to me… You freeze on me when I need you most. I need to do my coursework, laptop.

Ohhhhhh, I’ve never wanted to throw my laptop at something before. This experience is new and I do not like it. 

My laptop hates me. 

Revision and coursework update: I’m currently losing the will to live. I can’t find decent revision sources anywhere and I’ve already scoured through my revision guide, the college library, the class content and the Internet. Nothing seems to help. I think I’d rather become a driving instructor and drive all day, every day. And THAT’s a statement to make considering how bleeding awful I am at driving. I forgot to straighten my wheel after making a left turn and drove straight onto the pavement. A part of me was so determined to pass by my third lesson. Wishful thinking. 

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