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Zumba Classes and High Pitched Wooing

Freedom at last, how strange the taste. Never forget the years, the waste! 

Finally, my exam is over. I sat my AS Media Studies paper yesterday and I am overwhelmingly relieved that exams are done and dusted, until 2017. I think I had better start revising now if I’m aspiring for decent grades.

The paper comprised of two 50 mark essays to answer across a two hour examination. The first question required to watch an extract from a TV drama and answer how a particular social group was represented. The clip was shown four times in half an hour which left 45 minutes to answer the 50 mark question. That’s about enough time for me to pick up my pen and write my full name and institution. At least if I fail my exam, I have comfort in knowing that I was able to watch an extract from one of my all-time favourite TV shows four times. It was Sherlock. Actual Sherlock. I got to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s pretty face in my exam.

The second question was about the significant role of the internet in the marketing and exchange of media texts in the film industry. There was so much to write about but so little time to get all my points across resulting in missing out some of the biggest and most important aspects of the role of the internet.

Despite going to such a huge college where you see one person and you are guaranteed to never see them again for a whole year, it somehow doesn’t have facilities to sit exams so we have to use the sports complex down the road. During my exam, there must have been a Zumba class happening in the hall next door. All I could hear was a lady shouting “let me hear your ‘WOO’s’ ladies,” followed by a chorus of high pitched wooing. This was then accompanied by a soundtrack of The Prodigy. 

So on the whole, it could have gone a lot better… but also, a lot worse. The only thing I have on my agenda now are theatre trips and university open days. I’ll worry about my results when I get them.


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