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Les Mis, London and Friendlings

It was my seventh visit to the Queen’s Theatre at the beginning of the month and I was still left feeling like it was my first timeIt was outstandingly amazing.

Across the last four years, I’ve spent 19 hours and 50 minutes sitting in the audience of Les Misérables and yet, I’m still a burrito of sadness when the show starts and every 30 seconds from there in until the final bows. At that point, I’m ready to start rocking in foetal position for the rest of my life.

I’m always asked “How can you watch the same show over and over again? Doesn’t it get boring?” and quite frankly, the answer is no. I’ve never watched the same show of Les Mis twice. For starters, the casting is never the same. It’s extremely rare that I manage to catch a show where all the principle performers are playing. (It’s was my fourth visit to watch Phantom last week and I missed Ben Forster as Phantom… again! This is my third attempt to catch him in the role). If I happen to catch the same performer in a role, their performance is always different too. Their emotions are portrayed differently. Live theatre never gets boring… There is always something that you’ll see that wasn’t there before.

Wednesday 1st June

In May half-term, my parents took a well-deserved break to Palma and left me in charge of the household. The house is still standing so I must have done something right. In their absence, I decided to brave a trip to London on my own (Ha! No pun intended!) because I’m so determined to move there next year so every experience I can get of battling the big city alone will benefit me and prepare me for what’s ahead of me.

I met up with my Twitter friend, Angel, who is genuinely a brown haired version of me who lives near the sea. We met in Trafalgar Square and had coffee in the Theatre Café which is heaven for musical theatre lovers. The walls are decorated with theatre posters and props, cast members from shows sign the toilet doors and tables, coffee is served in musical theatre cups and best of all, show tunes are played. I had a mocha in a Jersey Boys takeaway cup. Oh, what a night [and day]! 

We both sat on the second row of the stalls, eleven seats away from each other. The performance was phenomenal as per. I won’t bore you with another review as the casting was pretty much the same as my previous visit with the exception of Katy Secombe who I had seen as Madame T in 2012 and Rachelle Ann Go as Fantine. She was good. Extremely good. Eva Noblezada is an absolute powerhouse of a lady. Her Éponine, I dare say, may be one of my favourite portrayals.

We were lucky enough to catch Sanne Den Besten’s last matinee performance in the Ensemble as she has now recently joined the cast of Mamma Mia as Sophie Sheridan. A show that I’d love to see if I were more local (and not so much of an expense away) to London. She will be greatly missed as will the 2015-16 cast who left the show last week. Cry.

Following the show, we met up with Nicholas who I had met on my last visit to Les Mis and together, we met Eva Noblezada (who is an absolute dream!) and Zoe Doano. Two incredibly lovely ladies.

The cast all seemed to leave at once with it being a matinee performance so Angel, Nic and I decided to take a wander into London and visit Her Majesty’s Theatre… because who doesn’t walk around West End looking at how simply gorgeous theatres are despite the scaffolding that is currently swallowing Phantom? After taking selfies with the posters, Celinde Schoenmaker came walking down Haymarket. She came up to us, remembering all who we were and hugged us. After a very brief conversation, she went to the theatre to prepare for her evening show and we all just stood there for what felt like a very long time just being absolute speechless messes. Angel and I first messaged each other over Twitter about Celinde Schoenmaker performing as Christine and it’s safe to say that we probably owe our friendship to her. So thank you Celinde.

Read about how phenomenal Celinde was as Christine Daaé last weekend here…

As Nicholas went to see Les Mis for his college work, (how amazing is that?!), we went back to Queens Theatre so that he could hand in some work sheets to the stage door man for the cast members. We managed to catch Sanne Den Besten and Craig Mathers who were coming in for their evening show. What an absolute joy they were!

I didn’t take any pictures this time round with Nicholas, unfortunately. Maybe and hopefully next time!

I had such an amazing, amazing, amazing day and it was such a pleasure to spend it with two extremely fabulous people. Thank you guys and let’s get planning our next trip. Much love!!

15 thoughts on “Les Mis, London and Friendlings

  1. I was in the theatre café that day before watching a matinee (of Mrs Henderson Presents) and thought it was you on the table next to me (that sounds a bit creepy haha… I just remembered reading your blogs) :’) but wasn’t totally sure, otherwise I would’ve said hi! Glad you had a fab time at Les Mis – I saw Ben Forster as the Phantom last weekend and he was generally very good, hope you get the chance to see him eventually 😀 Megan x

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  2. Oh my goodness, you should have definitely said hi!!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog, it’s the perfect pick-me-up and I love seeing all the shows you get to see. Did you enjoy Mrs Henderson? No doubt we may bump into each other again in the theatre cafe, maybe?? Ben Forster would be a dreeeaaaam!!! Did you get see Celinde? Hope you had a lovely day and it was lovely to be in the same room as you ??? If that’s not weird Hahahaha x

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  3. Aw I really wish I had now!! Thank you so much, that’s so lovely, and I adore reading your blog too 🙂 yes Mrs Henderson was fab, I’m gutted it closed. Haha yes hopefully there’ll be a next time, I’ll know who you are now!! I didn’t get to see Celinde as I went on a Friday, so I saw Lisa Anne Wood instead (who was incredible, but having seen Celinde as Fantine in Les Mis twice I would love to see her in the role at some point too). I also got to see Ben Forster perform again the next day at West End Live! Haha not weird at all, ditto! x

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  4. Gutted I never got the chance to see Mrs Henderson presents, it’s just one of those shows I’d see if I lived closer. Ooooooh, how was Lisa? I’d love love love to see her but I can’t risk the chance of missing Celinde hahah. Massive, massive fan! I’m super jealous but I hope you had a fab weekend at West End Live too x


  5. Yeah, I wish I lived closer to London but my friend who does live there managed to get us day seats for Mrs Henderson, which was brilliant! Lisa was amazing, couldn’t fault her! Haha I would love to see Celinde’s Christine though. West End Live was incredible thanks, it’s such a cool event and I’m definitely going to go back every year haha x


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