Just One Word

There’s something I must confess… I do rather have a guilty pleasure for ‘question tags’. The go-to when you have absolutely nothing to write about or just want a bit of fun. With all the seriousness of the EU referendum in the past week, a matter in which I am massively on the fence for and am in no way knowledgeable to discuss my views on the result, I thought I’d do the ‘just one word’ question tag thing.

The rule is, quite obviously, you must answer using one word only. Some are very generic questions and others are slightly more profound and it’ll be interesting, well for me at least, to see my perspective.

Where is your mobile phone? Floor.

Your Partner? Who?

Your hair? Messy.

Your mother? Wicked.

Your father? Sound.

Your favourite material object? iPod.

Your dream from last night? Goats.

Favourite drink? Tea.

Your dream car? Chevrolet???

The room you’re in? Bedroom.

Your fear? Loneliness.

What do you want to be in 10 years? LONDON!

What did you do last night? Blog.

What is the last thing you did before this? Scrapbook.

What are you wearing? Pyjamas.

Favourite book? Compelling.

Last thing you ate? Fish.

Your life? Happier.

Your mood? Positive.

Your friends? Amazing.

What are you currently thinking? Musicals.

Your summer? Soon.

What’s on TV? Netflix.

Last time you laughed? Today.

Last time you cried? Ages.

School? Miserable.

What are you listening to? Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Favourite weekend activity? Blogging.

Dream job? JOURNALIST!

Your computer? White.

Outside your window? Garden.

Beer? Lager?

Mexican food? Chimichanga.

Winter? Chilly.

Holiday? Disneyland.

On your bed? Disney.

Love? Life.

That was so much more boring than I was anticipating. It was fun to answer but it’s not going to make much of a memorable read so I applaud you if you managed to get this far. It wasn’t as easy as it seems using only one word. Especially for ‘favourite book?’. I can’t think of many books with a one word title that are half decent.

Thanks for reading, chums. I’ve realised that my blogs just end, without warning and without thanking you all for reading. For that, I do profoundly apologise xxx

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