PREFACE: I am ridiculously sorry for neglecting my blog this month. Something rather strange has happened to me: I got a jam-packed schedule. Literally, I haven’t kept still all Summer. And I cannot WAIT to tell you all about it.

I started writing this update three weeks ago and I’m that embarrassingly late to finishing it. Sincerest apologies xxx

I’m currently sat on the balcony of my hotel room overlooking the swimming pool and the harbour of Sliema in thirty degree heat. It sounds lovely, right? And it is. Except, I can barely move my body as I’m covered in sunburn from my forehead to my toe because I’m an idiot who can’t apply sun lotion appropriately. I resemble that of a red crayola crayon.

The view from my balcony. I could spend an entire lifetime looking at a view like this.

I’m nearing the end of my two week break to Malta with my parents so I thought I’d blog to you from the ‘European Capital of Culture’ or better known as Valletta. How snazzy does that sound?! I’ve had such a wonderful holiday but I’m so ready to face the British climate. I must be one of the only people who favours unpredictable weather because it gives me the chance to sport my knitted cardigans and flowery Doc Martens.

I think this trip marks my fifth visit to Malta. It was the first holiday destination abroad that I had ever been to by aeroplane at the age of 12 so it’s always been a family favourite location and we know the island quite well.

The Maltese climate is one that I will never grow used to. The daily average temperature for the duration of the holiday bordered around 32 degrees reaching highs of 37. Thirty seven degrees. THIRTY SEVEN. This is well and truly reflected in shades of red that my skin currently boasts. I am praying that the colour fades a little for when I return to the UK tomorrow. (UPDATE: A week later, I look like I’ve covered myself in PVA glue. How gross!)

Holiday reading is essential. Even if you’re on the most mental of holidays. I read On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher and Me Before You by Jo-Jo Moyes. Unpopular opinion: I was left feeling massively underwhelmed by Carrie’s debut novel. I really really wanted to like it, I mean, I’ve even bought tickets for her book signing in September but I really wasn’t captivated by it, in the slightest. I will get round to reviewing this novel some day soon. I had already read Me Before You prior to holiday, about a year ago, but I recently saw the film (8/10- must see) and purchased the sequel After You so I thought I’d experience the emotional rollercoaster again. It only makes sense to, right?!

Can we just take a second to appreciate my insanely cool tote bag? The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Ahhhhhh, I love it. This was taken from the Upper Barakka Gardens overlooking the harbour of the Three Cities (I think?!).  I was aiming for the rather profound look.
This is the view I was looking at in my extremely profound pose.

The penultimate day of the holiday was by-far my favourite day. We were booked onto an excursion to the Blue Lagoon via a catamaran (WITH AN OPEN BAR AND BUFFET) which was exclusive to a maximum of 40 passengers. There were no more than twenty people on our charter so it was extremely spacious… which of course lead to the misconception that if I spread out in the full sun, I would become extremely tanned. Wrong. Two weeks later and you can very clearly see where I had been wearing my swimming costume.

The catamaran docked up a couple of times for a few hours of swimming and snorkelling in crystal blue seas and we were given the chance to go speed-boating to the caves with a tour guide who has the biggest obsession with Christmas. He had ‘Merry Christmas’ tattooed on his lower back. You know what they say, each to their own.

I wish I could spend everyday on a boat like this. Covered head-to-toe in factor 50 sun lotion, though.

We had the most relaxing holiday. We sauntered from bar-to-bar on walks from Sliema to St Julians (and no, we’re not alcoholics, hydration is extremely important in high temperatures!). Spent a couple of days soaking in the Vitamin D by the pool with a trip to Golden Bay Beach where my mum locked herself in a toilet. I had to go chasing a Maltese man to see if he had the keys anywhere. Oops. We ate. We ate for England. Fillet steaks, chicken and rib combos, pasta.

Until next time Malta, sa-ha!

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