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My (Not So) Near Death Experience

It’s been three weeks since my last upload and I had every intention of posting a couple of more by this point but I’ve had two weeks from hell that stopped me from living my life…

I had the wooooooorst tonsillitis ever! I was bed ridden for almost two weeks, I couldn’t speak, my glands were swollen bigger than my future prospects and to put the cherry on top of the cake, I had three reactions to my antibiotics.

You probably really don’t want to read about my two-week long battle with tonsillitis but just as a treat for you, I’ll tell you all about it…

I went to the doctor’s for the first time (ON MY OWN!!! I felt like Éponine only I couldn’t actually sing) as soon as my tonsils started to swell. It is such a massive building and I haven’t been in since it moved premises so I hadn’t a clue where I was going. I found some screens where you had to check yourself in with your doctor except I couldn’t for the life of me remember what my doctor’s name was. Amazing start. Once I was called in to see him, I couldn’t vocalise my problems so I had to write him a note saying:

“Hi Doc. Can’t speak. Throat hurts. Glands a bit swollen. Hearing is also a bit muffled. Help me. (Ps. Sorry if my breath stinks lol).”

He prescribed me with Amoxicillin and a throat spray that ‘relieved pain of the throat’ (LIES!). I took the recommended dose of my antibiotics tablet and threw up… despite being unable to eat food. I assumed it was because of my glands being swollen causing me to gag??? It happened again so my mum rang the doctor’s concluding that I may be allergic to penicillin so he gave me more antibiotics which didn’t contain penicillin, just in case.

Same thing happened again… twice! So I went back to the doctor’s with my mum where he ‘re-assessed’ my tonsils and prescribed me with liquidised amoxicillin (maybe I’m not allergic to penicillin after all), liquidised ibuprofen and dissoluble paracetamol (note: all of this medication is intended for young children) and more throat spray. He made another appointment for three days later (I might as well have just moved into his office… I spent an exceedingly long time there) where he told us he may refer me to a drip in hospital if my condition doesn’t improve. (What a way to boost my morale, Doc).

The medicine initially worked a treat. It had a rather nice fruity flavour too. Over the next few days, my throat gradually ‘de-swelled’ and it became a lot easier to swallow food. My voice, however, remained to sound like I had a whole apple stuck in my throat. I went back to the doctor where he congratulated me on improving (thanks Doc) and prescribed me with more liquidised amoxicillin (A SIX DAY COURSE OF ANTIBIOTICS? I’ve already been on antibiotics for the past five days?) and a sore-throat mouthwash. As you can visualise, my house turned into a drug store.

I missed nine days of college and four shifts at work. I was unable to stay awake for longer than three hours at a time. I couldn’t face to stare at a computer screen. Too much light. I couldn’t blog. I couldn’t do school work. I managed to get through (or at least sleep through) over 70 episodes of 90210. A productive use of my time. I was convinced that I was never going to return to good health again so I was considering writing my will… A bit dramatic? Me? Never.

My voice went back to normal. My glands were no longer swollen and I began to celebrate life again. I woke up one morning covered head-to-toe in a rash (literally ‘head-to-toe’, it was actually on my toes). My skin was extremely blotchy and had an aching sensation. A side-effect of liquidised amoxicillin apparently. I am just in the wars.

I eventually went back to college with four days to go before half-term (which will now be spent catching up on missed work and of course, a day in London to see MURDER BALLAD!)

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