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2017 ????

Holy moly, I can’t believe that it’s 2017 already? 2016 felt like it began and ended in a millisecond. This is the year that I move to London… The year where I actually put my adultness into practice… Me being an adult, Lord help us all.

New year resolutions are something I make and break on January 1st and therefore, it is extremely pointless of me to devise any for this year however it’s always good to have something to strive for.

Without further ado, here’s my 2017 new year resolutions:

  1. BLOG MORE!!!! I said this last year and for five months, I blogged every single week. After May, I just got lazy busy, I just got busy… I’m not going to establish how regularly I post because this is going to be a major year for me in terms of exams and life events (oh come on, I’m just making excuses here) but I’m definitely going to write more when I have the time spare. Mark my words, watch this space…
  2. BE MOTIVATED (please Catherine, please)!!!! have to be motivated this year regardless whether I have a guaranteed place at university or not. I need to get good A-Level grades. As soon as I recover from my New Year’s Eve hangover (assuming that i have partied rightly after my evening shift), I am going to be buried in essays, coursework and revision flash card.
  3. WATCH AS MANY SHOWS (or the same shows) AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE IN THE WEST END!!!! Yes, that means seeing Phantom another six times… and seeing School of Rock. I need to see this show one day soon. I’d like to see Hamilton too when it ventures to London although I imagine it will be more stressful than applying for London accommodation on a cheap budget trying to get hands on a ticket.
  4. KEEP ON WITH THE ONE LINE A DAY AND Q&A A DAY!!!! Can you believe that this girl has written in a diary every single day of 2016?! I surely can’t. 366 days of writing (yes, it may only be five lines) in a diary! One Line a Day is a five-year memory notebook where it allocates a space to write about your day extremely briefly. The intention is that you write in it every single day for five years and you can see how similar/different each year is. I figured that 2016-2020 is the most pivotal points of my life with college/university/teenage years breaking into adulthood. I’m so excited to see where my life is going to take me. 
  5. BE HAPPY!!!! Life is waaaaay too short to be upset. It’s my mission to make 2017 even happier than 2016.

I’m excited to carry on into this year with the amazing people I’m surrounded with. Let me know in the comments/my social media channels what resolutions you have made for this year ahead and I wish you all an immensely happy year xxx

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