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Vow of Silence

Oh yes, it’s that obligatory post that is necessary in exam season. I’m off on a little hiatus… if you already hadn’t noticed.

I’ve got 6 A-Level exams starting next month and therefore, I need to start revising every second I can which means that I need to prioritise my study over my lovely blog. *Cue the crying*.

Little word of encouragement: don’t worry about your exams. I mean, I may be saying something completely opposite if I hadn’t got an unconditional offer; it’s a relief knowing that I’ve got a place at university regardless of grades but I would still love to get respectable results. Just always be assured that even if you don’t get the grade you aspired for, there are so many ways around it. Besides, you might not even want to do what your studying for as a career in 10 years time. Good luck folks!

We all know how terrible I am at making vows, I will most probably be back with a blog post next week… but it’s a goodbye fo’ now.

Did I tell you I’m seeing Iron Maiden on Saturday??? It’s not my scene but I’m sehr excited.

Here’s a picture of me to remember the good times (literally a couple of days ago). Oh, I do love gin!

Adios amigos xxx

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