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Freedom at Last, How Strange the Taste

Is it even me if I don’t make a Les Mis reference one way or another? I’m finally free from A-Levels and the wraths of college. So technically, that makes me an adult now?… ha! ha! ha! 


I never wanted to leave college like I wanted to leave high school. I actually enjoyed college. I’ve had a wonderful two years… despite the questionable teaching standards. My business teacher read a multiple choice question from an exam paper and made the claim that she ‘thinks she knows this one’. My English teacher took an avid interest in politics and made each lesson pro-Labour. My media teacher spent an entire lesson pronouncing ‘interpret’ as ‘interpretate’. I’ve made some life-long friends as well as carrying through with my favourite people from high school. I’ve made some amazing memories (though 90% of them are alcohol fuelled and not accurately remembered).


After spending a solid month of cramming, the exams went pretty tragically. I flicked through an entire business paper before I could find a question I could answer. An invigilator burped right behind me mid-exam and walked off in his squeaky shoes and one exam was accompanied by a pop soundtrack. I even ended up writing about how the TV show Neighbours revolutionised channel 5 in my English Language exam when I was meant to write about women’s language. Oh, such fun.

I’ve now got two and a half months off from all responsibilities and I can do whatever to my heart’s content without the nagging feeling of guilt because I should be revising. So, here’s my Summer to-do list:

  • Phantom of the Opera on the 6th July with Angel, my fabby friend who lives sooooo far away from me!!!  It’s our last time seeing our favourite cast in our favourite show before we see them leave on Cast Change Day. We’re front row for the final show but boo, I’m way too sad to see them leave.
  • Wonderland at my local theatre. I’m a sucker for Alice in Wonderland AND Kerry Ellis is cast in the show?!
  • Aladdin and The Lion King next month with my lovely momma. I am SO excited because I haven’t seen either shows on the West End and it’s extremely unlikely that my student funds will cater for tickets to these shows. They’re always mostly sold out! NANTS INGONYAMAAAAAA BAGITHI BABAAAAAAA!
  • MISS SAIGON on the UK Tour. I cannot contain my excitement for this one. I miss this show SO much and I’m SO excited to relive all the emotions. This is too much for one heart!
  • Scrapbook my London bucket list. I have the most amazing London themed scrapbook from Paperchase and I’m desperate to put together a list of things I need to do whilst I’m living in Kingston.
  • Road trip to IKEA if Jess is still up for it. I want pretty things for my uni home and nothing excites me more than interior shopping.
  • Drink plenty of gin because I love gin.
  • Read for fun again. I miss reading so much so please send me recommendations for new books to read, pretty please.
  • See my friendlings and have funnnnnnnnnn.

So adios for now my amigos. I shall be back with a regular update from now xx

2 thoughts on “Freedom at Last, How Strange the Taste

  1. Congratulations! Wishing you well for results 😊 But for now enjoy all the fun stuff you have planned.. particularly hope you love the Lion King as much as I do 🦁❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhhh thank you!! I’m not expecting too great results, to be honest but I guess we’ll see. I’ve never seen Lion King before but my mum loved it when she saw it last year. I’m so excited!!!!!!!


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