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Elpalpebrate: Lacking in Eyebrows

This blog post is the result of sleep deprivation… so without further ado, here are my favourite odd words of the English language:

NB: I also threw in a few words of different origin just because they’re purely brilliant.

Rhotacism: excessive use of the letter “R”.

This is actually my worst nightmare considering I struggle to pronounce the letter “R”.

Whipjack: a beggar, though specifically one that is pretending to have been shipwrecked.

This is just so oddly specific. I’m amazed it’s an actual word and I aspire to use it everyday.

Epalpebrate: someone who is lacking in the eyebrow department.

I actually use this word regularly just because it’s so brilliant. You’d be surprised how many situations require this word.

Cornobble: to smack someone with a fish.

Who thinks that smacking someone with a fish is a great idea? And why am I getting the urge to now slap someone with a fish? No, surely this is animal abuse?

Argle-bargle: copious but meaningful talk or writing.

My wedding vows will be argle-bargle if I am ever to get married.

Blatherskite: someone who talks a lot but doesn’t make much sense.

This is the definition of myself.

Badmash: [Indian origin] a hooligan.

You’re badmash, you are! What an insult! If a customer ever complains about “bad mash” at work, I’ll now be able to react with the appropriate response.

Gabelle: [French origin] A tax on salt.

A tax on salt? So surely, a tax on anything ever eaten? Maybe with the exception of fruit and vegetables.

Bingle: [Australian origin] a collision.

Hiya boss, sorry I’m late for work. I was involved in a bingle… It just doesn’t have the same effect, does it?

Boffola: [North American origin] a joke that gets a loud or hearty laugh.

Whenever you hear a hearty laugh, just assume I told a cracking boffola.

Callipygian: Having shapely buttocks.

Isn’t this a bodily feature we all aspire for?

Humdudgeon: An imaginary illness.

Whenever a situation arises that I’m desperate to get out of, I have found myself a new excuse…

Tittynope: A small quantity of something leftover.

Next time a customer asks me if I can put their leftover food into a takeaway container at work, I will casually drop this word into our interaction purely to see their reaction.

If you have any quirky, bizarre words you use on the daily, please share them with me. I am so beyond amused right now, it’s actually a little bit alarming.

3 thoughts on “Elpalpebrate: Lacking in Eyebrows

  1. I have a case of Epalpebrate never knew that there was a word for that haha it’s like they gave up on my eyebrows and decided to give me thick hair hahah

    Liked by 1 person

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