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I’m an Adult

I’ve suddenly been whacked in the face by the realisation that I’ve become an adult, literally over night. I don’t know whether I’m lying in bed hyperventilating because I’m excited to embrace adulthood or whether I’m, quite frankly, crapping myself; I’m almost certain it’s the former. Here’s how I’m grabbing onto adulthood with a tight grip:

  1. I can drive.
  2. I’ve left my very first job of three years and four months. I’m officially unemployed, for now! I can’t imagine I’ll be able to hack the life without a weekly wage for long.
  3. I’m leaving the family home to move to LONDON!
  4. I’m the proud owner of a ladle and a colander (but I don’t have a clue what I’m meant to do with them!)
  5. I whipped up a pretty fancy meal of chicken pesto pasta with courgettes and onions for my family tonight.
  6. I turned down a night out in London the other day for my bed. If that doesn’t speak adulthood, I don’t know what does.

I’ve buried myself in writing musical theatre reviews (what a surprise!!) that I’ve neglected to tell you all that I passed my driving test, with five minors. That came as a shock. I stalled three times mid-test and did a dodgy right turn. I’m a nightmare turning right, I just can’t seem to grasp it. I actually stalled nine times in the middle of a busy main road trying to turn right because I couldn’t figure out why I kept stalling when I took my feet of the pedal and accelerator at the same time… duh. I have to plan all my journeys which only require turning left.


A little short and sweet but I’ll be back very soon to start my adult-ing adventure…

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