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A Fresh Start

Umm… hello.

A teeny-weeny confession: I had completely lost all direction and motivation with this blog over the last few months. I’d blame university and say it got in the way but the real truth is, I just didn’t know what kind of content I wanted to produce for my blog.

I abandoned my blog. I neglected it. I nearly deleted it.

There are currently 20 posts sitting in my drafts, all of which are failed attempts of trying to revive this blog that I’ve written over the past couple of months but I’ve been feeling so uninspired that I haven’t been able to bring myself to post them…

… but this post is no work of art. Neither is it grammatically correct. It’ll be a miracle if I’ve managed to construct sentences that slightly make sense.

Here’s the story of BalamoryMy finger hovered over the ‘delete blog’ button more times than I’d like to admit this Summer. It’s not you, it’s me… I’ve written a grand total of four posts over the last year and not a single one made for an interesting read. I’m sure 15-year-old me would love the chance to throttle 19-year-old me for this lack of commitment. In hindsight, I had so much to write about. I have had the most amazing first year at university, made some great memories with the most wonderful people. I saw plenty of theatre. I went to a music festival in Spain. There’s been so many opportunities to write but I haven’t seized a single one.

So, why didn’t I write about any of this? I always imagined studying Journalism at university would have been the catalyst for regular updates and creative content. Instead, I just lost all my motivation and direction. *Cue the sob story!* I absolutely love my university course. I really do enjoy studying Journalism. It encourages you to find your niche, though. I’m sat in a lecture room amongst beauty bloggers and travel photographers. People who want to discuss politics and people who long to write about film and TV.

I want to do all of that. I want to write a little bit about everything. Weirdly, that is the sole reason why I lost all motivation to write. I became so absorbed in believing that this blog needed a theme because it seemed like it was the only way to get my foot into the Journalism pathway I desired with a portfolio of posts to prove I could write about a certain topic. Focus solely on musical theatre and entertainment  As much as I love all that jazz (no pun intended. Ha!), I still have no idea what it is that I want to pursue in a few years’ time. This blog wasn’t created so that I could be a journalist one day. I started it because I loved writing about the things I loved. I loved sharing my shitty humour. I still do so I’m going to write about whatever tickles my fancy from this day forth. I don’t want to be restricted to a certain topic. I’ll finish with the divaish attitude, now. 

Consider this as a fresh start. A new me.

Wowee, can we appreciate how bloody amazing these trousers are?!

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Hey! I’m so incredibly happy that you’ve decided to write what YOU want. That’s the most important thing of all. I haven’t gone to Uni yet but I can imagine that it’s quite pressurised, where you’re expected to just KNOW what you want to do, how you want to write. But life doesn’t quite work like that.

    Good luck with everything. I can’t wait to read more of your writing 🙂 Thank you for this honest post! X

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  2. Ahhh, thank you so much. Uni is a weird one… as much as it motivates you and pushes you creatively, I think it’s easy to lose track a little bit. That being said, I love it. I’m happy to be back blogging though. Felt a bit weird letting it take a backseat. Thank you again 🙂 x

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