Just One Word

There’s something I must confess… I do rather have a guilty pleasure for ‘question tags’. The go-to when you have absolutely nothing to write about or just want a bit of fun. With all the seriousness of the EU referendum in the past week, a matter in which I am massively on the fence for…… Continue reading Just One Word

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An Ample Blog Post (4/10)

(4/I love musical theatre, No, I really do love musical theatre. I don’t think you quite understand how much I love musical theatre. When your life revolves around musical theatre and not much else, it’s so difficult to think of more than three ‘interesting’ facts regarding your life that doesn’t consist of an extensive list of musicals…… Continue reading An Ample Blog Post (4/10)


Quintessentially British

88 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I’m feeling the festiveness already… and it’s only September. It’s cold enough to be Winter though. I’m sat here clenching on to my mug of tea in the hope that it will vigorously warm me up. Talking of tea… Let’s do the British tag. See what I did there, I deliberately mentioned tea…… Continue reading Quintessentially British


Liebster Award Round Two

EXCITING NEWS: GCSE exams are well and truly over and never to be looked upon ever again… until results day in August, of course. IN OTHER EXCITING NEWS: I have also been nominated for… *druuuuuuum roll please*… another Liebster Award. If this blog post goes to plan, it should be published at 7pm on the…… Continue reading Liebster Award Round Two


Too Much Information

I’m really not good at the whole ‘stay away from your blog until after your GCSE’s so you have some hope of passing and having a good life’ thing yet. Once more, procrastination has led me towards my dear and faithful blog and I can faintly hear it screaming to be updated. After this post,…… Continue reading Too Much Information

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Musical Theatre

I’ve been hovering over my keyboard for the last half an hour pondering on what to ramble on about in my next blog post when I magically (and yes, magically) found a musical theatre tag. A MUSICAL THEATRE TAG. A tag dedicated to musical theatre. I saw Les Misérables in the West End last week…… Continue reading Musical Theatre

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Would you Rather?

My idea of the ‘Would you Rather’ game is much more grotesque than this tag. I always assume the questions will be ‘Would you rather drink your own urine once a day or eat the excretion of a dog twice a week?’ The questions are book themed which excites me so I’d love to answer them. This…… Continue reading Would you Rather?