… I’m a Uni Student

Hey. Hi. Hola. So that was an unplanned hiatus whilst I transformed into a university student… It’s 1:29am and I, for once, am not intoxicated. I feel like that’s quite an achievement worthy of a round of applause, to be fair. It’s been an amazing three weeks thus far. As you all probably know anyway,…… Continue reading … I’m a Uni Student


Uni Student in the Making

You must never do a tango with an Eskimo. No, no, no. Oh dear, no. It’s December 1st. The twelfth (and last- just in case anyone didn’t know…) month of 2016. Literally, I feel like all I’ve done this year is blink. It’s passed so quickly and yet, politics aside, it’s been, probably, the best…… Continue reading Uni Student in the Making

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University Open Days

Suddenly, literally overnight, I became old enough to go university hunting and attend open days. I didn’t agree to this. I still can’t control my laughter when someone says Uranus, I struggle pronouncing my letter ‘R’s’ and ‘Vesuvius’ and I definitely can’t eat without getting it around my mouth and staining my clothes. And without…… Continue reading University Open Days