Contact Me and Social

Hello, you lovely reader.

You’ve landed on my contact page so I’m holding high hopes that I’ll hear from you. Maybe we could be friends?

If, for some reason, you’d like to get in touch with me then you can do through the following means:

If you’d like to see me fangirling over musical theatre, shamelessly self-promote my blog and the odd drunken tweet, then follow my twitter: @catherinepooole

If you want to see what I ate for lunch/dinner, how bad I am at taking selfies and regular posts of me trying to be a ‘hip n hap’ London gal then follow my Instagram: @catpoolol

If you want to send me advice, friend requests, feedback albeit good or bad, a million pounds, blog topic recommendations, business enquiries (who am I kidding? but please, oh please), unlimited supply of teabags or simply just want to ask a question then email me:

Or alternatively, you can fill in this form:


Adios amigos, much love Xxx

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